Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®.

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Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

This year sees White Ribbon roll out the global event Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®.

The Walk a mile was established in 2001 by Frank Braid in America, starting from a humble handful of men, to the global initiative of today. This event allows men within various communities and societies to raise awareness of the violence that woman suffer.

The mile walk consists of two unique components, the physical walk where men are expected to wear heels; and the opportunity to highlight and discuss the issue and ramifications of sexual, physical and emotional abuse toward women.


This event provides a unique opportunity for the walkers, guest speakers and organisers to speak about the issue of women’s violence.


Brother fights domestic violence

10344933John McGrath, brother to Patricia McGrath who was killed early in 2013 by her partner, has been campaigning around the Northland region. In July, John became a White Ribbon Ambassador in order to “plant the seed in [boys’] heads now” so that they can stop the damage of family violence before it begins. Patricia’s death affirms that male violence against women can be fatal and has a detrimental impact on many lives. Patricia’s family reached out to White Ribbon to help support our anti-violence message, to share Patricia’s story with others and to create awareness about violence against women.

Patricia was a 34 year old mother of two and a case worker at Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ). Her family describe as someone who was very caring and loved to help people; a wonderful and beautiful person. The loss of Patricia has been a huge blow to her family and friends, as well as the community as a whole. Patricia’s death affirms that male violence against women can be fatal and has a detrimental impact on many lives. The following article offers more information about Patricia: Click here to read more.


Brother fights domestic violence


The brother of a Northland woman who was killed by her partner is stepping up as the region’s first White Ribbon ambassador.

John McGrath has campaigned ferociously on behalf of domestic violence victims and their families, since the death of Patricia McGrath in January last year.

The mother-of-two died of a brain injury after she was punched in the face by partner Phillip Mahanga.

Mahanga is serving a three-year sentence for manslaughter.

McGrath’s first act as an ambassador was to urge students at Whangarei Boys’ High School to consider the seriousness of the country’s domestic violence problem.

“We never thought this was going to happen to us, but our family has had this disaster, and now we’re on a journey to change things and make them better,” he says.

“These boys will be men soon and some will even be parents soon. We need to plant the seed in their heads now. We’ll speak at every school in this country if we can – we need to bring these [domestic violence] stats down, especially in Northland.”

McGrath, who spoke alongside wife Kate McGrath, told the boys of how his “role model” sister changed once she entered a relationship with Mahanga.

He said she became increasingly isolated and withdrawn from family life, and started getting angry with her children “which was not who she was at all,” McGrath said.

“Usually we’d go around and we’d walk straight in and help ourselves to tea, but it started changing and she’d be waiting at the door – you’d know we weren’t welcome because he was there. He dominated her and isolated her, then he took control and at the end just killed her.”

McGrath told The Leader his sister’s death has changed the way he views the relationship between men and women.

“It’s definitely changed the way I look at men, especially Maori men – we once were warriors. When you think about a warrior, he is respectful, he has mana, he is noble. Our young men still have that pack mentality but none of that mana.”

He says this certainly doesn’t apply to all Maori men, and is the result of long-term oppression.

“Introduced religion has made [Maori] lose identity. We’ve got to come back to earth and realise man is not better than woman,” he says. “I don’t care if people run me down on that, because my heart is already broken and it can’t break any more. We’re not the ones who should have the life sentence.”

As a White Ribbon ambassador, McGrath joins a national and international network of men speaking out against violence towards women.

White Ribbon tee-shirt design – you choose

This year we need your help. We’ve had designs made for new chari-tee-shirts that will be sold to raise awareness about White Ribbon and to promote what the campaign is all about. We encourage you to let us know which design you would like White Ribbon to use. 

to view and let us know your choice.



Ignite Candles

IgniteA creative group of students have taken a step towards ending violence towards women with scented soy candles. Based in Christchurch, Ignite Scented Candles aims to create eco-friendly candles helping to raise awareness and funds for The White Ribbon Foundation.
Ignite produce three different scented candles. They are Midnight Chai (chai latte), Tropical Sunrise (mango and papaya) and Midday Lemonade (lemongrass and ginger). Every candle sold will donate 10c to the White Ribbon Foundation.
If you are interested in purchasing a candle or want to learn more, visit them at their Facebook page

1003398_1439425476309725_2051394838314104101_n candles

New home for White Ribbon

Ric Odom

White Ribbon Campaign Trust Chair – Ric Odom

From today (07/05/14) the Families Commission is transferring responsibility for the delivery and management of the annual White Ribbon Campaign to the White Ribbon Campaign Trust Board.

Families Commissioner Belinda Milnes says the Commission is delighted that the Trust is taking the campaign on its next steps. She says, “The White Ribbon Campaign Trust Board is a community based organisation with the skills, experience and commitment to ensure the continued success and growth of this important campaign to reduce violence against women.

“Family violence is a complex issue and it needs government along with communities, workplaces, and families working together to make a real difference.”

The transfer is being made through a conditional grant for a two-year period.

“We are very grateful for the support of the Families Commission,” says White Ribbon Trust Chair Ric Odom. ‘Their good management has helped the campaign to work effectively with communities right throughout New Zealand helping us to raise awareness and get men to take action.

“Last year’s campaign was the largest yet with significant community involvement, so the time is now right for the campaign to take charge of its own destiny,” says Mr Odom.

emily small

Emily Longley

Today is also the anniversary of the death of Emily Longley, who was murdered by her boyfriend three years ago.

Mark Longley, White Ribbon trustee and father of Emily explains, “As a parent that has lost a child, you are always trying to make sense of the tragedy. I donate my time to White Ribbon in the hope that no other family ever has to go through what we have endured.

“White Ribbon is about men taking responsibility. As men, we can change the behaviour of our mates. If just one of her boyfriend’s mates had not remained silent, my daughter Emily could be alive today.

“I want White Ribbon to lead a change in our culture. A change where events such as the Roast Busters Scandal could not take place and where 14 women are not killed each year,” says Mr Longley.

A White Ribbon Advisory Committee, currently chaired by Judge Peter Boshier will continue in its role, which includes appointment of White Ribbon Ambassadors and the organisation of activities. Judge Boshier will continue to lead this Committee.

The Trust has been formed from experts and advocates within the family violence sector.

  • Chair: Ric Odom (WR Ambassador) CEO of the RNZSPCA
  • Deputy Chair: Takurua Tawera (WR Ambassador) chair of NNSVS
  • Heather Henare CE Women’s Refuge
  • Mark Longley (WR Ambassador)
  • David White (WR Ambassador)
  • Alana Bowman (WR Committee Member)
  • Aaron Morrison (WR Rider)
  • Patron: Judge Boshier (WR Ambassador and WR Committee Chair)

White Ribbon: Rob McCann, White Ribbon Campaign Manager, 029 917 7045, contact@whiteribbon.org.nz

One News Mark Longley

click to watch Trust Launch on TVNZ

stuff trust launch

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Emily's legacy Saving others

click to read about Emily’s legacy and Trust launch

anti violence trust relaunched

Click for TV3 coverage

White Ribbon Campaign Volunteer and Intern Positions 2014

White Ribbon is opening our intake of Volunteers for the 2014 campaign. Volunteers work with the campaign team to deliver a  proactive response to family violence. We’re trying to change attitudes and behaviour, and we need your help to help deliver our annual campaign.

To apply for a position contact us and include your CV and a brief note about why you wish to volunteer. We know that volunteers often want to help with a worthy programme and eventually to gain paid employment in the workforce. But to land that paid position you need practical experience with good references. White Ribbon believes in up-skilling our volunteers and providing you with an enhanced knowledge of both event management and communications. If that sounds like you and you want to make a positive difference in our society, please consider volunteering.
Bernadette and Intern at Women's Refuge signs The Pledge cropped“An amazing experience” Bernadette (Volunteer 2012)
The Intern and Volunteer programme is a fantastic opportunity to get amongst a powerful and proactive social change campaign. From day one, you are a significant part of the Campaign team, helping to get the campaign off the ground and to reach the New Zealand public with a message of anti-violence.photo (6)

“I’ve found my time with the campaign to be fulfilling and challenging. I had the chance to work with a diverse range of people who are motivated to promote White Ribbon’s message; including community leaders, like Headmasters and White Ribbon Riders, and the talented Campaign Manager. The Campaign is a tight-knit, enthusiastic, and passionate team. I highly recommend this experience to anyone with a passion for social issues and making change in New Zealand.” Nelson Curry. (Volunteer 2011/2012)

“Working for the campaign gave me a tremendous amount of practical experience and it really was fun. Great team and found the campaign manager really helpful. He took the time to teach volunteers how to accomplish tasks and we all felt like we really were a part of the team. I’ve now landed a job, and there’s no doubt that working for White Ribbon and the reference I received made this possible. I’d recommend volunteering for White Ribbon to anyone who wants practical event and communication experience.” Chris Vermeulen (Volunteer 2013)

White Ribbon Campaign Volunteer and Intern Positions 2014

To apply for a position contact us or to download the position descriptions click here

· Ambassador Coordinator
· Community Press Release Coordinator
· Events and Volunteers Coordinator
· Finance, Fundraising and Database Coordinator
· Graphic Designer
· Proof Reader
· Resources and Merchandise Coordinator
· Ride Coordinator
· Social Media Officer
· Written Communications Officer


Position Descriptions

Ambassador Coordinator(s)

You will liaise with White Ribbon Ambassadors and New Zealand communities when Ambassadors are requested to speak at local events and find opportunities for Ambassadors.

Your central task is to support the campaign’s Ambassadors as they build support, visibility, and develop a shared understanding of the campaign within their communities. This is on-going but is a requirement during the November period to support projects such as the White Ribbon Ride.

For more information on White Ribbon Ambassadors, click here.

Knowledge and Experience

You will:

· be responsible, proactive, and professional in attitude;
· have strong relationship and organisational skills;
· have strong written and oral communication skills;
· display initiative; and
· be functional team players.
Experience in or aptitude for stakeholder management and/or communications is an advantage.

Community Press Release Co-ordinator(s)

Our Press Manager(s) will have responsibility for contacting local communities that are hosting White Ribbon events. The Manager(s) will coordinate event information to produce tailored media releases. This task is essential to create a seamless campaign experience for the New Zealand public, achieved by delivering the campaign’s message but with local features, spokespeople and Ambassadors.

Knowledge and Experience

The ability to multitask and plan will be a key asset in the Press Manager(s). Interpersonal written and verbal communication skills are also essential, particularly over email and the phone.

Events and Volunteers Coordinator(s)

This position requires an individual to liaise with community groups and volunteers around New Zealand. You will assist in coordinating White Ribbon events for Ambassadors and Riders, and work with the Community Press Release Manager and other colleagues to deliver a unified campaign experience. You will also be responsible for coordinating volunteers nationwide to participate in White Ribbon events.

Knowledge and Experience

You will have strong organisational skills and, ideally, experience in event management. Common sense and the ability to future-plan will aid you in this role, as will a sense of initiative. Some communications skills would be an advantage.

Database, Finance and Fundraising Co-ordinator

White Ribbon collects funds from a variety of sources for the White Ribbon Campaign Trust to run future White Ribbon Campaigns. These funds need to be recorded and deposited. The contributors need to be acknowledged so that they know they are valued and recognised.

White Ribbon also runs a database of all participants within the campaign. This needs updating regularly with supporters, riders, event organisers, ambassadors and contributors.

Communities throughout New Zealand will continue to fundraise for future White Ribbon Campaigns. These communities often need support and advice about events and the best practice.

Knowledge and Experience

You will have strong organisational skills and, ideally, some experience in event management or a willingness to learn. An understanding of Excel and spread sheets is a requirement. Common sense and the ability to future-plan will aid you in this role, as will a sense of initiative. Some communications skills would be an advantage.

Graphic Designer

An opportunity exists within our team for a graphic designer. This role involves creating and manipulating images for high impact in line with White Ribbon’s key messages. In conjunction with other team members, you will assist in the production of:

· posters for communities around New Zealand for the White Ribbon Ride; and
· graphics for the White Ribbon Facebook page.
There is also the opportunity for higher level tasks, dependent on skill levels. These may include:

· web page design;
· layout of fact sheets and media releases;
· images assisting White Ribbon fundraising efforts.

Knowledge and Experience

You will have working knowledge of photo manipulation software, like Adobe Photoshop. You should possess the ability to work within a team environment to produce creative solutions in a timely manner. While experience is not essential for this position, it would be an advantage.

Proof Reader

White Ribbon produces a number of documents which require proofing for consistency of terminology and the eradication of grammatical errors. The Proof Reader will be required to eradicate errors and maintain a consistency within written communications.

Knowledge and Experience

Strong written communication skills are requisite. Multitasking and planning abilities are also an asset.

Resources and Merchandise Coordinator(s)

This hands-on role involves managing the array of merchandise that supports the White Ribbon Campaign, from campaign posters to white ribbons, and requires an eye for detail. White Ribbon resources are channelled through a central database. This role also requires liaison with our distributors to coordinate resource supply.
Knowledge and Experience

You will have knowledge of managing Excel spread sheets and display a diligent, professional approach.

Ride Coordinators

As a White Ribbon Ride Coordinator, you will play a fundamental role in scheduling and planning local White Ribbon events around the country. You will liaise with Riders and independent Riders, the Army, Local Event Co-ordinators and other in-house team members to construct a supportive environment for Ride participants, and a media-friendly White Ribbon project. The ride is divided into manageable sections (Central, East and West regions of the North Island, and the South Island. You will work with a diverse cross-section of New Zealand society. You may also have the opportunity to go on the Ride as members of the support crew liaising with the riders, communities and press. As part of the support crew you will be required to document the ride using video and photos and upload these to the White Ribbon Facebook site throughout the day. For more information on the White Ribbon Ride click here.

Knowledge and Experience

You will have strong organisational and event management skills. Strong interpersonal skills are also key. You must be able to cope in a changing environment and have the ability to make decisions. Written and oral communications skills are an advantage as are photography skills.

Social Media Officer

The Social Media Officer is responsible for delivering White Ribbon messages through Facebook and Twitter to an audience of thousands. You will pre-plan two Facebook posts per day for November period of the campaign. On Twitter, you will also proactively tweet and/or re-tweet messages salient to the campaign and encourage other users to participate.

Knowledge and Experience

An understanding of family violence and men’s violence towards women (or willingness to learn) is a requirement. Familiarity with Facebook and Twitter platforms is essential. Some graphic design ability would be an advantage.

Written Communications Officer(s)

As a Written Communications Officer, your task is to produce and manage White Ribbon content for parties outside of the organisation. You will write articles for the White Ribbon monthly Newsletter, provide content for White Ribbon websites and Blogs that promote White Ribbon’s message of non-violence. You will work with the other Coordinators, Managers, and Officers to keep supporters updated with event information and create profiles of select issues of domestic violence in New Zealand.

Knowledge and Experience

Strong written communication and research skills are requisite. Multitasking and planning abilities are also an asset. Initiative will be essential.


For information on our volunteers policy click here

Open letter to the men of NZ whose violent behaviour is damaging their children

Whiteribbon2013openletter Russell Wills (3)


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