Pet Refuge

Pet Refuge is standing in solidarity with White Ribbon against violence towards Women.

White Ribbon Day is on November 25th, this global movement aims to raise awareness about violence towards women. The people we help are predominately women and to show our support for this vital issue, we are giving a Pet Refuge “White Ribbon” to anyone who signs up to Sade Bed for Pets TM programme or donates $25 or more during the month of November. All you have to do is write Ribbon in the comments box when you donate and we will send you one!

We believe we should show our support all year round, as well as on the day. These ribbons are to hang on your pet’s collar or on your keychain or bag, anywhere where this symbol can start a conversation.

New Zealand has the highest rate of domestic violence in the OECD and sadly pets are very often caught up in this violence. We should all be talking about why this is happening. Stand with us in solidarity against violence towards women. Let’s have the conversation.

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