White Ribbon releases free online resources to combat family violence

Media Release
12 November 2022


Research demonstrates that an underlying cause of family violence is connected to the rigid rules of masculinity, the expectations that men must always appear dominant, tough and in charge.

“Believing in the rigid rules of masculinity is twenty times more likely to predict committing violence than any other demographic factors like ethnicity, age or income,” says White Ribbon Manager Rob McCann. “Those are astonishing, awful numbers, and it’s why we need to ensure the next generation are not indoctrinated into that unhealthy way of thinking, or what we often refer to as the ‘man box’.  We need to replace the outdated ideas of what a man is supposed to be, with concepts that encourage and support healthy masculinity.”

“Too often men believe they need to appear tough and in-control in front of other men. This is from a fear, real or not, that they’ll be rejected, possibly violently, if they don’t fit in. Often being told to ‘Man Up’, is to be reminded to get back into the Man Box and act in a manner that conforms to the outdated stereotypes.”

“Phrases like ‘Boys will be Boys’ emphasize these old unhealthy stereotypes and they’re still being used today. These phrases reinforce the rigid rules of masculinity that are linked to violence against women, and the time has come for us to take back the phrase and change the narrative.”

“We need to celebrate the good we see in our young men and flip the script. Men can and should be part of the solution to reducing Aotearoa’s horrific family violence statistics,” says Mr McCann.

To help flip the script, White Ribbon have released free resources on their website www.whiteribbon.org.nz

“There are graphics that you can share on social media to start conversations, videos that provide information, and resources such as the downloadable Toolboxes which cover a range of topics from how to raise boys who respect, to how you can call-in other men.”

“Our advice is simple,” says Mr McCann. Everyone can play a role in violence prevention. Talk to your son, or the boys in the team you coach, or at your school about being a good human and what that looks like in your daily life. Be an ally and help them make good choices by role modeling healthy masculinity.”




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