Men who stand up show they respect women. Living by respectful values and doing the right thing is key to the respectful relationships White Ribbon promotes. This prevents violence.


Stand Up from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

White Ribbon Day (November 25th) is the International Day for the Elimination of Men’s Violence Towards Women. White Ribbon aims to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men. Together we can make a difference and this year we’re asking men to ‘Stand Up’ by taking the online pledge and committing to take one or more actions.

The eight actions offer men choices – to listen, reflect, alter their behaviour, talk to others and disrupt negative behaviour – which build respectful behaviour that undermines violence.

Once you have chosen an action, you will receive an email linking you with a White Ribbon toolbox and a video with useful information on how to proceed and achieve your action. Then you can challenge other men and organisations to Take The Pledge and get people off the sideline and involved in ending men’s violence towards women.



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Being respectful will give you better relationships with women, as well as a happier, more satisfying life. Find out how by checking out the Toolbox and say Yes to respectful relationships and No to violence.

Download your Toolbox here:

Download your Toolbox here: