White Ribbon Day is held annually on November 25 with events occurring throughout November. White Ribbon aims to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men. Together we can make a difference.


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Click here to find out why we want to end men’s violence towards women

White Ribbon wants to give kiwi dads the confidence and skills to talk about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships with their sons, so we’ve created a toolbox for dads and five short videos that focus on the top five tips. Check them out.

Being respectful will give you better relationships with women, as well as a happier, more satisfying life. Find out how by checking out the Toolbox and say Yes to respectful relationships and No to violence.

Download your Toolbox here:

Download your Toolbox here:

The campaign was launched with the release of Hollie Smith’s stunning new song ‘Please’. Click on the album artwork for more details and to purchase the single. All proceeds to White Ribbon.