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We all want to have respectful relationships. Respectful Relationships are a protection against violence. Download the toolboxes for handy hints.



Use these handy acronyms

Share1 Respect1 Others1
Listen1 Enthusiastic1 Behave1


Click on these five short videos that focus on the top five tips for dads, or click on the Top 5 Tools to watch the play list. (active soon)White Ribbon wants to give kiwi dads the confidence and skills to talk about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships with their sons, so we’ve created a toolbox for dads ‘Raising Respectful Sons’ and ‘Bringing up Boys who Respect’ (for younger dads)


Role Modelling from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

Active Involvement from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

The biggest influence on your child is your role modelling. Kids learn by observing all your actions and do listen to what you say. Be actively involved in raising your kids. Offer security, support and closeness, and be nurturing, warm and sensitive.

Age Adjustment (Ages and Stages) from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

Respect as a Behaviour from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

Start developing their respectful behaviour early and adjust to their development. Talk about respect as a behaviour. Describe what they can do to show respect.

Learning from You about respectful sexual relationships from White Ribbon on Vimeo.

Children and teenagers typically want more sex education than they are given. This includes how to have respectful relationships. They’ll appreciate learning from you.








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