Ethnic leader Surinder Tandon announced as a White Ribbon Ambassador


SDr Surinder Tandon, President of Christchurch Multicultural Council, is the latest to join the ranks of White Ribbon Ambassadors, who want to see men stand up and say No to violence against women.

Surinder said: “I am honoured to be nominated and appointed as a White Ribbon Ambassador. I want to increase awareness of White Ribbon principles in ethnic communities.” He commented “Migrant women are targeted and are disproportionally represented as victims of family and sexual violence. Our national and regional multicultural councils support the important message of the White Ribbon campaign. We have been working with other agencies to develop family violence prevention and management programmes within multicultural migrant communities.” “I wish to identify and encourage other ethnic men as potential Ambassadors to support the White Ribbon campaign.”

Surinder is involved in Rotary (Paul Harris Fellow and Past-President, Lincoln Club) and Multicultural Council activities. He was awarded the Queens Medal, MNZM in 2014 for services to multicultural communities and textile research. Because of his long association of over 25 years with the multicultural and wider communities, he feels people see him as a role model. White Ribbon Campaign Manager Rob McCann is delighted to welcome Surinder to the team and looks forward to working with him.

The idea is simple…

Auckland Humanity Project

Each month Aucklanders are asked a question based on 8 factors that protect against family violence and sexual violence. Via social media, their responses are shared, which in turn shares their humanity.


The Auckland Humanity Project is the mastermind behind 

this initiative and aims to grow opportunities for kindness, compassion, empathy and hope, encouraging healthy relationships, safer communities, and more connection and caring in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and homes.

Click on the following three inspirational stories and share in their humanity:

Shannon – an awesome Dad, who has broken the cycle of violence.  He talks about how being a good dad starts with loving and respecting your partner.

Blair – talks about learning it’s okay to show emotion.

Damien – talks about masculinity and learning to be comfortable with who he is.

Jason – talks about how he shows his respect for his girlfriend.

Please forward these stories to anyone you think might be interested. You could also:


13BlairAuckland Humanity Project 4


Police are investigating more incidents of family violence than ever before

NZFVC logoClearly, too much family violence is still happening. “To have such a high level of family violence is shamefully embarrassing for a country that values a ‘fair go.’ We’re better than this New Zealand” says Cam Ronald, Chair of the White Ribbon Committee.

Police investigated 8,000 more incidents in 2016 than the previous year, which is partly because more people are reporting family violence. “This is a good thing, as it shows more people no longer see family violence as private, and more victims are confident in reporting it as they know the community wants it to stop”, says Cam Ronald. “White Ribbon’s violence prevention campaign is helping reduce peoples’ tolerance of violence. There’s much more we can and need to do, to get to a place where the actual occurrence of family violence reduces”.

White Ribbon is part of a movement to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. This involves changing the social attitudes that give men the idea that using violence is normal, acceptable or the way to solve problems.

White Ribbon does this by promoting the respectful behaviour men can use instead of violence. This involves treating women as equal and being flexible about what men can do.

“The reality is that most violence is committed by men,” says Mr Ronald, “so we need all men to become part of the change. Our ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign gives men the tools to live respectful lives, which gives them and their families happier and healthier lives”.

“The ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign also equips fathers to be positive role models and develop their sons’ respectful behaviour towards women”.

White Ribbon has new messages, tool boxes and information for men, available in November.

The Gathering of the 3000

Gathering logo

This weekend will see The Gathering of the 3000 taking place at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua. The event will inspire, equip, and connect Pacific men so that some of the challenges Pacific communities face can be addressed and a movement of change initiated. Amongst many high-profile keynote speakers, such as David Tua, Sir Michael Jones and Chris Te’o, we are privileged to announce that three of our White Ribbon Ambassadors will be attending this event.

mikeAlfredMike Tana, Mayor of Porirua, will be participating in the opening ceremony taking place on Friday 30th June at 7 pm. The Hon. Alfred Ngaro is also joining the event on Saturday 31st at 9 am and will be conducting the welcome and introduction of the keynote speakers.

SoniOne of our newly appointed Ambassadors, Soni Malaulau will be at the event on both days. Soni has been a serving Police Officer for over 28 years and worked as the Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme. This involved working with up to 18 Pacific countries, mentoring their police forces to improve police response to family violence. A committed activist for White Ribbon, he has also worked in Afghanistan in an effort to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men.  Soni is a passionate advocate of White Ribbon and hopes to bring about an environment of social change that reinforces human rights and equality between men and women. He would like to see both men and women demonstrating shared responsibility, mutual respect, trust and harmony towards each other. We are very excited to have such a strong asset join the White Ribbon team.

Alongside our wonderful Ambassadors, White Ribbon will be hosting a stand at the Gathering. We urge you to come and find about our plans for 2017 and what you can do to help.  There will be the opportunity to learn more about the White Ribbon pledge “I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence towards women” and join the other 2,300 men who have already made this commitment.  Together we can make a difference.

To find out more information about this weekend’s exciting event, visit:




What’s the plan for 2017?

The 2017 campaign is progressing well. Our 2016 campaign research findings showed the need for further focus on the following areas:

  • Respectful relationships between men and women
  • ‘Consent’ as a necessary requirement of all sexual relationships
  •  Men challenging the attitudes and behaviours of other men
  • Empowering fathers (and other male influencers) to develop their son’s (young boys/men’s) respectful behaviour through the use of on-line toolboxes.

To make this happen, we will be hosting workshops with a prominent White Ribbon co-founder, Michael Kaufman and producing a short film that will increase awareness and encourage discussions about ‘respectful relationships’ and creating a range of resouces to help ensure men (and all caregivers) have the confidence to talk about ‘respectful relationships’ and ‘respectful sexual relationships’ with their sons (and all children).

The 2017 White Ribbon Ride preparation is underway with revised routes in both the North and South Islands. We aim to further empower communities to come together and support each other to promote the campaign. These communities will see volunteers, Ambassadors and community groups working as a united front to help increase our year-long presence.

We also aim to increase the number of workplace accreditations for NZ businesses. This is an important step in enabling businesses and organisations to effectively integrate violence prevention into their business practices and talk to their customers.

Fiction, but sadly not fantasy


“Welcome to your Tape” is a discussion with Sarah Pitcher and Kenny Ardouin originally broadcast on Christchurch’s Plains FM that looked at many of the issues that occur in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The discussion centred on many issues, a number of which are very relevant to the White Ribbon Campaign.

Sarah and Kenny discuss issues surrounding consent after the lead character is the victim of a rape, and is persecuted because she did not explicitly say no, whilst the perpetrator of the sexual assault faces no justice. The discussion addresses the concept of “male entitlement” whereby the rapist felt entitled to have sex with his victim and was unable to see that what he was doing was wrong.

The discussion addresses the reality that often the perpetrators of sexual assault are not who you would expect – it may well be a popular, well-respected man such as is the case in 13 Reasons Why, and 90% of the time, the person is known to the victim.

They also discuss the heart-breaking inaction of others when it comes to speaking up about men’s violence towards women which only serves to encourage perpetrators of sexual assault/violence and wrongly apportion blame to the victim. Sarah and Kenny offer strategies to help victims of abuse to ask for help, as well as offering strategies for the people who victims of abuse turn to in their hour of need.

Sarah and Kenny discuss the themes from 13 Reasons Why within the New Zealand context, and the messages around consent, respect, speaking out and listening up that we as a society can take heed of from viewing the series that may be fiction, but sadly is not fantasy.

Click here to listen to the full audio recording of ‘Welcome to your tape’

The piece starts at eight minutes minutes.

Well done Vodaphone

“Congratulations Vodaphone for your bold actions” says White Ribbon’s Committee Chair Cam Ronald. “Your support for staff affected by family violence is an example to all businesses”.
Vodaphone announced today that it is offering a range of practical support to staff who’re affected by family violence.

“Workplaces can be a safe place where practical help, like additional leave and protection, can make a real difference to staff” says Mr Ronald. “This is for victims of violence, as well as individuals who use violence”.

White Ribbon works with businesses and organisations to integrate violence prevention into their practices.

“Vodaphone’s support is similar to the actions and initiatives that a few other organisations have implemented. And it is consistent with White Ribbon’s business accreditation scheme. For example, The Warehouse recently became the first business to be accredited by White Ribbon.”