White Ribbon Ambassadors take The Pledge


Women’s Refuge spokesperson Sue Lytollis commends the White Ribbon Ambassadors for their commitment to ending men’s violence towards women.

Violence is endemic within New Zealand with one in three women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime, while on average, fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family.

Help White Ribbon to create change by taking The Pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women.

Men want to be proud fathers, uncles, grandfathers and great husbands/partners. We want our partners and kids to live in safe homes without violence. Taking The Pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women means a better life for you and those close to you.

One News 11th November

Watch the launch of the 2013 White Ribbon Camapaign

White Ribbon is an international movement that condemns men’s violence towards women. Each November, White Ribbon runs a month-long campaign that culminates on 25 November, White Ribbon Day. Last year saw a focus on non-physical violence and generating conversations about men as positive role models.This year we are asking men to take ‘The Pledge’. Judge Peter Boshier, Chair of the White Ribbon Campaign and one of our White Ribbon Ambassadors, rightly identifies that “while most men are not violent, most violence against women is perpetrated by men”. This is why The Pledge is so important. It is a call to action for New Zealand men to take ownership of men’s violence towards women, and to actively be part of the solution. It can be taken both online or in person at many of the community events that occur throughout New Zealand during November.

A number of White Ribbon Ambassadors took The Pledge while participating at two ambassador meetings in November. You can take The Pledge at www.whiteribbon.org.nz To watch an ambassador take the Pledge click on their name. Judge Peter Boshier, Darren Pritchard, Chris Sola, Andy Moscrop Giblin, Evans Chibanguza, Billy TK, Brian Gardener, David White, Jeremy Logan, Julian Paton, Robert Lachlan Mackay, Shane Whitfield, Steffan Browning MP, Tim Marshall, Jonathan Young MP, Trevor Simpson, Dr Russell Wills, Ric Odom, George Ngati, Mark Longley, Te Ururoa Flavell MP and David Warren. We will add more soon.

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Statement from the Chair of the White Ribbon Committee

Peter Boshier - Chief Family Court Judge copy

Peter Boshier – Chair of the White Ribbon Committee

White Ribbon asks men to never commit condone or remain silent about men’s violence towards women.

As part of the campaign men are nominated as White Ribbon Ambassadors to help influence other men by changing attitudes and behaviour.

These nominees must also sign a statement that they are living violence-free lives, disclose any previous convictions for violent or abusive behaviour, and declare that nothing in their past or current personal life would damage the credibility of the campaign.

Following the very public scrutiny over Sir Owen Glenn’s nomination, and the omission of certain facts that should have been presented to the White Ribbon Committee, I have received a letter from Sir Owen Glenn advising that he has withdrawn his nomination as a White Ribbon Ambassador.

sir owen glenn

Sir Owen Glenn

Sir Owen maintains that his declaration on the application form is true and correct. In his letter he explains that the media coverage is “…nothing but a distraction from the important work both White Ribbon and the Glenn Inquiry are doing in relation to child abuse and domestic violence in New Zealand.”

Sir Owen goes on to say, “consequently I would ask that my application be withdrawn as a White Ribbon Ambassador”.

On behalf of the White Ribbon Committee, I have accepted Sir Owen’s decision, and appreciate that he has put the reputation and work of the White Ribbon Campaign at the forefront of his decision.

Sir Owen stands by his statement that he is living violence-free, and that he has no history of violence towards women or children. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, we must take Sir Owen at his word.

Men’s violence against women is at epidemic levels in our country. This is simply nothing to be proud about, and the White Ribbon Campaign will continue to ask men to stand up and influence other men.

Peter Boshier

White Ribbon Committee Chair

Previous statements about appointing White Ribbon Ambassadors

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