A new Ambassador is part of a team that has developed a life-saving social services app

Southteam_008-3We are delighted to announce the appointment of new White Ribbon Ambassador, Akerei (Rei) Maresala-Thomson.

A former police-officer, Rei is now the General Manager of The Village Collective, an organisation equipping Pacific youth and families with knowledge, resources, and information relating to sexual health and well-being. With aspirational goals for his organisation to change the current social landscape of Pacific youth statistics, Rei has set some outcomes through grassroots, strength-based and sustainable solutions. Rei promotes education around a wide range of issues to migrant communities as he believes we are fighting a losing battle with more entering New Zealand without proper pre-migration training of our common laws, road rules and budgeting advice. In essence, the basics to give them a strong foundation of where to start. He is seen as a strong leader in the community, especially within Pasifika groups, and ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to bringing an end to men’s violence against women. Because of this, he has recently been asked to speak at the 22nd International Summit on Violence, Abuse and Trauma run by IVAT in San Diego, USA. 

rei with app

Rei has been in the news already by helping to develop a life-saving social services app. Stuff recently reported on his achievement of releasing the MYRIVR app, which gives users access to more than 6800 providers from emergency helplines, education needs, government agencies, youth services, Maori and ethnic services and more. Rei said, “the app makes the process of accessing help simple.”

It is interesting to understand what motivates Rei to be so passionate about empowering other people to make better lives for themselves. Rei’s family is originally from Samoa and the transition to New Zealand was not easy back in the early 80s. His parents were ill-prepared for life in Aotearoa and this led to violence. “My parents didn’t even know what an IRD number was” Rei says. Fast-forward to the present and Rei and most of his siblings are now helping to provide the integration into New Zealand culture that their own family did not have.  They hope they can make positive changes in the fields of family violence, sexual abuse and health, so that others don’t suffer the same experiences.











The idea is simple…

Auckland Humanity Project

Each month Aucklanders are asked a question based on 8 factors that protect against family violence and sexual violence. Via social media, their responses are shared, which in turn shares their humanity.


The Auckland Humanity Project is the mastermind behind 

this initiative and aims to grow opportunities for kindness, compassion, empathy and hope, encouraging healthy relationships, safer communities, and more connection and caring in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and homes.

Click on the following three inspirational stories and share in their humanity:

Shannon – an awesome Dad, who has broken the cycle of violence.  He talks about how being a good dad starts with loving and respecting your partner.

Blair – talks about learning it’s okay to show emotion.

Damien – talks about masculinity and learning to be comfortable with who he is.

Jason – talks about how he shows his respect for his girlfriend.

Please forward these stories to anyone you think might be interested. You could also:


13BlairAuckland Humanity Project 4


Police are investigating more incidents of family violence than ever before

NZFVC logoClearly, too much family violence is still happening. “To have such a high level of family violence is shamefully embarrassing for a country that values a ‘fair go.’ We’re better than this New Zealand” says Cam Ronald, Chair of the White Ribbon Committee.

Police investigated 8,000 more incidents in 2016 than the previous year, which is partly because more people are reporting family violence. “This is a good thing, as it shows more people no longer see family violence as private, and more victims are confident in reporting it as they know the community wants it to stop”, says Cam Ronald. “White Ribbon’s violence prevention campaign is helping reduce peoples’ tolerance of violence. There’s much more we can and need to do, to get to a place where the actual occurrence of family violence reduces”.

White Ribbon is part of a movement to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. This involves changing the social attitudes that give men the idea that using violence is normal, acceptable or the way to solve problems.

White Ribbon does this by promoting the respectful behaviour men can use instead of violence. This involves treating women as equal and being flexible about what men can do.

“The reality is that most violence is committed by men,” says Mr Ronald, “so we need all men to become part of the change. Our ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign gives men the tools to live respectful lives, which gives them and their families happier and healthier lives”.

“The ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign also equips fathers to be positive role models and develop their sons’ respectful behaviour towards women”.

White Ribbon has new messages, tool boxes and information for men, available in November.




The Gathering of the 3000

Gathering logo

This weekend will see The Gathering of the 3000 taking place at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua. The event will inspire, equip, and connect Pacific men so that some of the challenges Pacific communities face can be addressed and a movement of change initiated. Amongst many high-profile keynote speakers, such as David Tua, Sir Michael Jones and Chris Te’o, we are privileged to announce that three of our White Ribbon Ambassadors will be attending this event.

mikeAlfredMike Tana, Mayor of Porirua, will be participating in the opening ceremony taking place on Friday 30th June at 7 pm. The Hon. Alfred Ngaro is also joining the event on Saturday 31st at 9 am and will be conducting the welcome and introduction of the keynote speakers.

SoniOne of our newly appointed Ambassadors, Soni Malaulau will be at the event on both days. Soni has been a serving Police Officer for over 28 years and worked as the Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme. This involved working with up to 18 Pacific countries, mentoring their police forces to improve police response to family violence. A committed activist for White Ribbon, he has also worked in Afghanistan in an effort to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men.  Soni is a passionate advocate of White Ribbon and hopes to bring about an environment of social change that reinforces human rights and equality between men and women. He would like to see both men and women demonstrating shared responsibility, mutual respect, trust and harmony towards each other. We are very excited to have such a strong asset join the White Ribbon team.

Alongside our wonderful Ambassadors, White Ribbon will be hosting a stand at the Gathering. We urge you to come and find about our plans for 2017 and what you can do to help.  There will be the opportunity to learn more about the White Ribbon pledge “I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence towards women” and join the other 2,300 men who have already made this commitment.  Together we can make a difference.

To find out more information about this weekend’s exciting event, visit: www.gathering3000.org.nz




Well done Vodaphone

“Congratulations Vodaphone for your bold actions” says White Ribbon’s Committee Chair Cam Ronald. “Your support for staff affected by family violence is an example to all businesses”.
Vodaphone announced today that it is offering a range of practical support to staff who’re affected by family violence.

“Workplaces can be a safe place where practical help, like additional leave and protection, can make a real difference to staff” says Mr Ronald. “This is for victims of violence, as well as individuals who use violence”.

White Ribbon works with businesses and organisations to integrate violence prevention into their practices.

“Vodaphone’s support is similar to the actions and initiatives that a few other organisations have implemented. And it is consistent with White Ribbon’s business accreditation scheme. For example, The Warehouse recently became the first business to be accredited by White Ribbon.”



New Research – Fathers don’t talk to their sons about respectful behaviour to women

Research commissioned by White Ribbon New Zealand has found that Kiwi dads rarely discuss the importance of consent and knowing when it is OK or not OK to engage in sexual activity with someone with their teenage sons.

Garth Baker

Garth Baker

“During interviews with men in 2015 we learnt that fathers were uncomfortable talking to their sons about respectful sexual relationships,” says White Ribbon Researcher Garth Baker. “To find out more we commissioned Research New Zealand to discover what topics fathers were comfortable talking to their sons and daughters about.”

Kiwi dads said they least ‘regularly’ discuss the importance of consent and knowing when it is OK or not OK to engage in sexual activity with someone with their teenage sons. 22% said they regularly discuss this, compared with 66% who regularly discussed ‘doing well at school’.

Compared with other topics, this was the one that fathers were least comfortable discussing.

“These findings are concerning,” says Mr Baker “because our sons want and need to hear this information from their dads (and parents). If dads don’t talk to their sons, they will learn from peers, media and pornography.”

Pornography typically shows aggression against women and it intensifies sexist and violence-supportive attitudes and behaviours, as well as increasing sexually aggressive behaviour. Fathers need to counter this with positive talk about consent and showing respect. Research shows that children are being exposed at younger ages to pornography.

toolbox-buttonWhite Ribbon wants to give kiwi dads the confidence and skills to talk about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships with their sons. To facilitate this we have created a toolbox for dads and short videos that focus on the top five tips for dads. These can be downloaded at https://whiteribbon.org.nz/toolbox/

The research also found that Dads with a teenage daughter were twice as likely to ‘regularly’ discuss the importance of consent and knowing when it is OK or not OK to engage in sexual activity with someone with their daughter, than their teenage son.

“There is classic double standard with daughters. Dads often want to protect their daughters and therefore have conversations with the aim of keeping them safe. But when it comes to their sons, dads too often think boys will be boys and lack the confidence and skills to have what are vital conversations.

“We can’t expect girls to take all the responsibility for their sexual safety; we need to teach our boys to behave respectfully and legally.

“As men we can influence the attitudes and behaviour of our sons by talking about, and demonstrating respectful relationships. This emphasises the values and behaviours we want instead of violence and sexual violence,” says Mr Baker.


wtr8728-white-ribbon-richie-hardcore-harry-ngata-storyboard-4k-frame-2Five top actions for fathers:

  1. Role model respectful behaviour. Show you respect your partner as an equal and communicate respectfully.
  2. Be actively involved in raising your kids. This makes them better people and makes you a better person too.
  3. Start developing their respectful behaviour early and adjust to their development.
  4. Talk about respect as a behaviour. Describe what they can do to show respect.
  5. Know they’ll appreciate learning from you. Kids typically want more sex education than they get.



  • One in three women will experience partner violence at some point in their lives
  • Less than 20 percent of abuse cases are reported
  • Approximately 3,500 convictions are recorded against men each year for assaults on women
  • On average, 14 women a year are killed by their partners or ex-partners
  • Police attend over 100,000 family violence incidents a year – one every 5 minutes
  • Family violence accounts for half of all reported serious crime


  • Say yes to respectful relationships and no to violence towards women
  • Respectful relationships require equality, communication and consent
  • Violence is not just physical
  • Men are part of the solution
  • You can help fix this problem by taking The Pledge to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence towards women and talking to your children

    For Interviews:
    Garth Baker
    White Ribbon Researcher and White Ribbon Ambassador



    NZDF White Ribbon Campaign photos

    Royal New Zealand Navy divers Pumau Campbell, left, from Tauranga, and Trevor Strickland, from Hawke’s Bay, with a New Zealand Defence Force White Ribbon torch at Stanley Bay in Auckland. Two torches have been created to shine a light on NZDF’s commitment to stop violence against women.



    Last night, a New Zealand Defence Force White Ribbon torch, carried by Royal New Zealand Navy divers and assisted by New Zealand Police, passed through Auckland on its way to Wellington to signify NZDF’s commitment to the White Ribbon pledge.

    Royal New Zealand Navy divers Pumau Campbell and Trevor Strickland emerged from the water at Stanley Bay with the New Zealand Defence Force White Ribbon torch at the start of a journey to highlight the White Ribbon message of respectful relationships.

    Two torches, commissioned by the Chief of Defence Force and White Ribbon Ambassador, Lieutenant General Tim Keating, have been created to shine a light on NZDF’s commitment to stop violence against women.

    The torches are scheduled to stop in different locations this week to show  the NZDF’s commitment to the White Ribbon pledge. They will return to Wellington to feature in the NZDF and Police challenge run through the streets of the central business district, led by Lieutenant General Keating and Police Commissioner Mike Bush, on Friday at midday.

    “As a White Ribbon Ambassador I’m proud of the efforts made by our Defence Force to raise awareness of the White Ribbon cause and to help curb violence against women,” Lieutenant General Keating said.

    “We need to show leadership, not just within the NZDF but to the wider community. I am determined that we will do that – starting within our own organisation.”

    In 2015 the NZDF introduced a mental health helpline for all NZDF personnel and their families, to address some of the stressors that can trigger violence towards women, as well as a range of other challenges that NZDF personnel and their families might be confronting.

    Then, earlier this year, the NZDF launched Operation Respect, the culmination of two years work to tackle inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviour in the force. That included creating a professional sexual assault response team and introducing a confidential disclosure system to provide an alternative way to report sexual assault.

    “When I became a White Ribbon Ambassador I was keen to find ways for the Defence Force to make a tangible contribution to this cause,” Lieutenant General Keating said.

    “Through Operation Respect we are committed to do everything possible  to get rid of inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviour in the armed forces.

    “We want the military to be a more welcoming, engaging and safe environment for women.”

    The torches will arrive in Wellington on Friday and will feature at the White Ribbon ceremony in the capital that day. After that one will be held in Wellington by NZDF and the other will be presented to New Zealand Police.


    Domestic violence support services

    • If you are in immediate danger,call 111 and ask for the police.
    • Women’s Refuge’s 24-hour Crisisline on 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 anywhere in the country.
    • If you’re experiencing or witnessing violence call 0800 456 450 for information about services that can help. 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm.
    • Young people experiencing or witnessing violence can call 0800 456 450 for information about services that can help. 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm.
    • For lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender relationships see http://www.kahukura.co.nz/information/need-help/
    • http://areyouok.org.nz/
    • Rape Crisis’s 24-hour helpline on 0800 883300.
    • For information on local sexual violence services see http://toah-nnest.org.nz/get-help/find-help
    • Call 0800 456 450 for information about services if you want to change your behaviour. 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm.

    Church leader appointed White Ribbon Ambassador, calls on churches to support campaign

    the-right-rev-ray-coster-moderator-of-the-presbyterian-church-smallWhite Ribbon’s newest ambassador is calling on churches to support the campaign opposing violence towards women.

    New ambassador the Very Reverend Ray Coster of Mount Manganui, is a former national leader of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa who recently retired after 39 years of parish ministry. Ray is on the international World Council of Churches committee as the representative for New Zealand member churches, he is also the Chair of the NZ Board of the International Christian Blind Mission.

    During his nearly four decades as a Presbyterian minister – providing church-goers and people within the community with pastoral advice and support – he found that helping to move relationships to become more respectful take times. “Changing men’s attitudes and behaviour towards women can be done, but it does require modelling compassion and patience.”

    Ray says that churches have many opportunities in their work and engagement with their communities to promote concepts of positive masculinity which support gender justice.

    Cam Ronald, White Ribbon Committee Chair, welcomes Ray as a White Ribbon ambassador. “White Ribbon is about connecting with kiwi men and promoting respectful behaviour. Ray has considerable experience of doing exactly that. His experience as a leader will help him stand up and speak out, which is just what ambassadors need to do.”

    Cam says churches have an important role to play in helping to eliminate men’s violence towards women through the significant influence they have in their communities. “Preventing violence requires communities to clearly reject violence and to emphasis their respectful values. Faith-based communities can do this as they connect with many different people and are about positive, peaceful values”.

    The Presbyterian Church has long been committed to supporting the White Ribbon campaign and each year many of its churches take part in events aimed at educating about how to prevent and stop violence against women.

    During this November, White Ribbon month, Presbyterian parishes north and south will hold events to promote White Ribbon Day in their communities.

    Captain’s Log – South Island White Ribbon Ride



    Captains Log 17.11.16

    White Ribbon Ride South Island kicked off today with Southern and Northern riders meeting up in Picton.  Riders from both islands have battled adverse weather conditions ranging from light showers to torrential rain, snow, floods.  We were welcomed on to the beautiful Waikawa Marae located just out of Picton township where we are overnighting.  Tomorrow looks to be fine and sunny for us to begin attending our scheduled events.

    White Ribbon Ride 2016……bring it on!

    Captains Log 18/11/16

    A full on day starting at 5.30 am when a rider (who shall remain nameless), had everybody up and awake at 5:30 am.  Thanks Mr McKenzie. Ooops!

    Our first official event for 2016 got off to a fine start at Marlborough Boys College where we were given a grand welcome and  treated to a breakfast of bacon and egg butties and hot coffee.

    We then went to Nelson College and were moved by a beautiful haka. Immediately after we then went to Nelson Intermediate where they also performed their school haka. When we left the students formed a guard of honour for us to ride through.

    A couple of riders have had mechanical problems that are visiting a local bike shop. Some locals have loaned us a couple of bikes for the riders to carry on with.

    We were welcomed onto Te Awhina Marae and were treated to a wonderful meal by the local Waimea Soroptimists Jill and Jill. We really appreciate the support form the Soroptimists. I’ve already had to extend my belt by a notch.

    The riders are currently relaxing as we face a big ride tomorrow down the West Coast to Hokitika.

    Pete and I have again joined the White Ribbon ride this year. The last time was 2014 as we couldn’t make it last year. It has been great to catch up the team and meet new riders.

    It was a bit of an early start today, but at least Colin couldn’t growl for us being late. It was a refreshing ride from Picton through to Blenheim, where we had a great breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausages, buns at Marlborough Boys High. Definitely saw us through the day. Apart from one bike breaking down and having to be trailered to Nelson, we had a great ride. We traveled up Trafalgar St and onto Nelson College. We received a warm welcome and had some fun with the students. It was the first time that we had been there and they would like us back next year. After having a chat with them, they performed the college haka which was amazing to watch – so much power and dedication by the boys. From here we traveled to Nelson Intermediate. We received another warm welcome and Blair gave a good speech to the students about his life. We were also presented with a haka which was in competition with the boys college. The students then formed a guard of honour for us all to ride through, and it was amazing. We then stopped at Zumos for a coffee. On the way to Motueka, another bike decided to give up the ghost, but we got it to the shop to keep the first bike company. We continued on to be greeted at the Te Awhina Marae. A wonderful meal was supplied to us by Waimea soroptmists. We have certainly received great support from all communities.

    We are now relaxing as we have a long ride tomorrow and the weather may be changing. I guess nothing unusual for the West Coast….
    Nicola and Peter McKenzie

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Captains Log 19/11/16

    Another early start when another rider who shall not remain nameless ( Graeme ), had everyone up a whole hour before they needed to be.  At least we got away in good time and managed to miss any rain on our journey down the coast.  Great ride through the Buller Gorge …made for motorcycles!


    Lunch break at Broadway Tea rooms in Reefton where White Ribbon Riders were treated to a magnificent feast. Thank you to the ladies there for preparing all this delicious food.

    The Broadway Tea Rooms in Reefton provided us with a sumptuous array of food for lunch, and many of the locals and visitors to the town stopped to chat and to check out the bikes. Back on the road again we kept up a steady pace to get us to Hokitika on time for the scheduled event at Crass Square in Hokitika where the ladies from the Westland Soroptmists had organised a “Walk the Talk” event.  The local college First XV team lead a walk around the square and what  a fine bunch of young men they are.  With music, face painting and a barbeque the place was humming.

    Riders had a little time to spare before our next event, so we caught up on some shopping, (the ladies)  opossum slippers being the number one choice.

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShrek had a mini meltdown when he couldn’t find his phone. He had visions of it being left somewhere, or it dropping on to the road from his pocket.  When asked if he had checked his pockets thoroughly he was adamant that yes he had, twice in fact but he checked again.  When he was asked what did it look like  he looked rather sheepish and said “like this one” and produced it from a pocket that he obviously missed.  Were going to get a lot of mileage out of that one.

    Our evening meal was provided by the Westland Soroptmists ladies and no one could complain of being hungry!  What a feast! Big thank-you to Rayleen,  Nicole,  Jo, Sue, Chris, and Amanda we really appreciate your help and support.

    Captains Log 20/11/16

    002Torrential rain overnight in Hokitika had everyone gearing up for a wet ride this morning. However the clouds parted,  and after the obligatory West Coast  Whitebait Pattie Breakfast we headed off to make our way to Wanaka.

    A good riding day although the wind was a problem from Franz Joseph through to Haast, making it hard riding for many.  At every stop we attracted a lot of attention from tourists and locals alike, so although we did not have any official  events to attend, we were still flying the White Ribbon Flag, answering questions, and posing for photographs.

    15181388_10154741122374921_3732792835262256177_nA compulsory stop at Haast Gate ( Hells Gate) for photos and a rest stop.

    Weather forecast isn’t looking too bad either!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Amber here.

    I can not express how much I am enjoying this ride!

    The ride today from Graymouth to Haast was very windy. I had to slow down and let many past so I could cruse at my own speed. But once we left Haast,…… well…… I have never enjoyed riding so much in my life! I still can’t get the stupid smile off my face!

    I am blown away by the reception we receive from people everywhere we go. We are being approached by so many asking where we are off to, what the ribbons mean, and then there are the ones that recognise the ribbon and just want to thank us for spreading the message.

    The people on the ride are all amazing, and I feel we are doing the cause proud!

    I will be back next year with bells on! And if that means I actually need to put bells on….. I WILL!!!



    Captains Log 21/11/16

    The day started with a visit to Wanaka school where we were once again welcomed in style.


    Colin, Libby and daughter Amber

    Wind has been the biggest problem today, however everyone has managed to handle the conditions.  The ride over the Crown Range was stunning, but again very windy.  Rain threatened off and on for most of the day but never really eventuated.

    A short stop at the  Cardrona  Hotel had  all the cameras out and clicking madly before we headed to Invercargill

    We made a late arrival for a short notice event at the Warehouse in Invercargill where many of the locals were intrigued with the bikes and spent a while talking bikes and White Ribbon.

    Its always heart-warming when so many people know about White Ribbon and express  their support.




    Captain’s Log Day 5  22 November 2016



    We awoke to a glorious morning in Invercargill after good night’s rest at Toimairangi Marae, which is a wee haven of Nga Puhi in the middle of Invercargill.  We  had a good run through Central Otago to Gore,  Miller’s Flat, then Alexandra.  Sweeping curvy roads and not much traffic.  The landscape changed from the towering craggy mountain terrain of the Southern Lakes District, to the wide sweeping rocky vistas of Central Otago.



    Boot making an eight pointed star

    First stop was Gore where we were hosted by Women’s Refuge.  Hannah talked to us about the Million Star Campaign, which is an anti violence campaign.  Hannah and the other ladies showed us how to make eight pointed stars which will be sent to the Gold Coast to make up the million stars which will be used to make one enormous star for the Commonwealth Games.


    Next stop Miller’s Flat School where we were welcomed with a hearty waiata a ringa from the children who were very excited to see the motorbikes.  Koro Moari returned the favour and Eru and Tiki talked to the children about the White Ribbon Campaign and then we were fed and watered (again) before we were off to our last stop for the day at Alexandra School.  More excitement from the children again,  and Animal was the definite favourite.  Alexandra School is part of their Positive Behaviour For Learning initiative.  Eru and Makz talked to the children about bullying and the White Ribbon Campaign.  The children got to sit on the bikes and give them a good rev up!  Eru took the Principal for a blat, yet another cuppa, then we were off to the camp ground which was a welcome reprieve as the temperature skyrocketed.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    Paul Brown announced as a White Ribbon Ambassador

    paul-brown16 November 2016

    White Ribbon proud to announce Paul Brown as a White Ribbon Ambassador

    Paul Brown, the Senior Advisor on Disability Issues for the Office of the Ombudsman, has accepted the role of White Ribbon Ambassador to highlight violence against disabled people.

    “Disabled people are targeted and are disproportionally represented as victims of for family and sexual violence”, explains Paul Brown. “As a White Ribbon ambassador I want to increase awareness of this.”

    “I’m concerned about individuals with learning disabilities, as they are subjected to greater rates of violence than others”.

    “Evidence shows that disabled people are more at risk from violence,” says Judge Boshier, Chief Ombudsman and White Ribbon Ambassador. “Disabled adults are 50% more likely to be a victim of violence while children with disabilities, along with adults with mental health conditions, have four times the risk of experiencing violence than non-disabled individuals[1]. As a campaign we must do all that we can to prevent this violence.”

    Paul Brown has been actively involved in a range of initiatives to prevent violence towards disabled people and has facilitated awareness training for a range of organisations. In his present role at the Office of the Ombudsman, he continues to advocate for greater prevention of violence against disabled people. The Office of the Ombudsman has a vital role in ensuring that people with disabilities are treated fairly

    “I also want to prompt mainstream violence prevention campaigns, like White Ribbon, to be more accessible and inclusive of disabled people” says Paul Brown. “For example, I want more disabled men to become ambassadors, which will lead to a better connection with the disabled community.”

    Judge Boshier says “Paul is a strong advocate for disabled people, particularly concerning their heightened risk of violence. We’re pleased to have him involved as an ambassador and look forward to building greater links with the disabled community”.

    White Ribbon prevents men’s family and sexual violence towards women. It is promoting ‘respectful relationships’ for men, to strengthen non-violent behaviour. Its campaign for this year is underway, leading up to White Ribbon Day on 25 November. More information, including toolboxes for men, is available from whiteribbon.org.nz.

    [1] From http://www.who.int/disabilities/violence/en/