White Ribbon Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme (YALP) Wellington

White Ribbon is teaming up with Wellington College to get our Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme underway in the wider Wellington Region. The White Ribbon Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme supports high school students to promote respectful behaviour.

We are holding a day long workshop on 02 August with Ambassadors such as Mark Longley, Eteuati Ete from the Laughing Samoans, White Ribbon Riders, NZ Police, local support services and all four local Mayors.

The workshop educates and activates young people, providing them with the knowledge and skills to lead and create action within their schools and wider communities and links them to White Ribbon Ambassadors who can mentor them.

Students then go back into their school communities as Youth Ambassadors  who are able to spread the kaupapa within their peer groups

Draft Programme

09:45am Welcome Welcome, overview and house rules

Gregor Fountain, Wellington College Principal

10:00am Overview of Family Violence in NZ An overview of the issue facing New Zealand including what family violence/harm actually is and who it affects and some of the responses to end violence.

Rob McCann, White Ribbon Manager

10:45am Emily Longley’s Story Emily Longley was murdered by her boyfriend and that could have been prevented.

Mark Longley, White Ribbon Ambassador and Board Member

11:00am Leadership What leadership looks like and how to get people on board to support an idea.

Mayors Ray Wallace, Wayne Guppy, Justin Lester, Mike Tana

11:50am Recap of morning activities David Cournane to lead the recap


noon Lunch  


12:30pm Violence in our homes and communities The effects of violence in homes and how change is possible.

Eteuati Ete (member of the Laughing Samoans) and Mele Wendt, White Ribbon Ambassadors




Police and Community response How the Police and Community Agencies respond to violence occurring and how they hope to prevent violence.
1:45pm White Ribbon Riders The White Ribbon Ride, plus opportunity for photos with bikes

Rick Hepi, White Ribbon Rider TBC

2:00pm How to create change Workshops on how to create change in your communities eg at school or in clubs

Led by Ron Vink, White Ribbon Ambassador

Students split into groups, each with a facilitator

Mark Longley, Rob McCann, Eteuati Ete, Mele Wendt, White Ribbon Rider, David Cournane, additional Ambassadors

2:40pm Wrap-up Summary of day’s learnings and the next steps

Mark Longley and Rob McCann


3:00pm Students depart  


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White Ribbon would like to acknowledge the Millane Family who have decided to donate proceeds from the sale of a bracelet made by and LL Loves which celebrates the life of their daughter Grace Millane who was murdered in New Zealand while backpacking.

  • To find out more about how the Youth Ambassador Leadership programme works click here.
  • To contact White Ribbon to discuss the YALP click here.


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