Honouring Grace Millane

White Ribbon New Zealand has just received an extremely generous donation of £768 from jewellery maker LL Loves in the UK. The tragic murder of British backpacker Grace Millane in New Zealand last December brought New Zealanders together in condemnation of this appalling act of violence and in sadness at the loss faced by her family and friends.

In the wake of their personal tragedy, Grace’s family and friends committed themselves to fundraising and awareness-raising events to honour her memory. They worked with LL Loves, one of Grace’s favourite jewellery makers, to produce a beautiful bracelet featuring an enamel White Ribbon. It is available in sterling silver or gold vermeil. Each comes in a white linen pouch designed by Grace’s family that has one of her favourite quotes on the front and is available here.

Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK commented:
“We have been deeply moved by the way in which Grace’s family and friends have worked with us to bring something good out of such a terrible loss by incorporating the white ribbon into their beautiful commemorative bracelet. We hope this collaboration means that part of Grace’s legacy is a world where male violence against women is ended once and for all”.

Initially twenty percent of the money from each bracelet was to be donated to White Ribbon UK. After a large number of New Zealanders ordered bracelets online, the family very generously asked LL Loves to donate the twenty percent from New Zealand orders to White Ribbon New Zealand.

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When Grace was murdered Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern highlighted our hurt and shame that it happened here saying “she should have been safe here and she wasn’t”. There are things we can all do to try to ensure we are all safer here. We all need to take responsibility for educating our young men. We have a series of toolboxes that provide advice on consent, respectful relationships and preventing violence.

Businesses also have a role to play in creating a culture where violence is not tolerated but where victims are given support and perpetrators are assisted in changing their behaviour. White Ribbon Business Accreditation is free and is suitable for organisations of any size. To find out more click here

We are extremely grateful for the Millane family’s generosity and their support for White Ribbon’s efforts to help prevent violence. Grace’s bracelets are an elegant daily reminder of a beautiful talented young woman, who should have been safe in our country. Now is the time to recommit to preventing future losses.

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