All Whites v Peru

All Whites v Peru
Saturday 11 November, kick off at 4.15pm.

Want to help us deliver the White Ribbon message at Westpac Stadium in Wellington this Saturday before the big game?

We have a few places left for volunteers to hand out ribbons to the fans, and then you get to watch the game.

The Al Whites are right behind White Ribbon which promotes men treating women with respect.

“Most of us have wives and some have daughters”, All White legend Rory Fallon says. “But all of us and all men, have women in their lives – a friend, sister, mother – that they don’t want to see harmed”.

Most kiwi men are respectful towards women, but some women are still treated badly, so White Ribbon promotes respectful relationships to counter men’s violence against women.

Being respectful means treating women as equals and using nonviolent communication, as well as being flexible about how men and women behave. This also includes sexual relationships where everyone enthusiastic consent is necessary.

This year’s White Ribbon campaign theme is ‘Raise our boys’ and promotes fathers and other men helping to build boys and young men’s respect towards others.

Visit White Ribbon’s website ( to find:

  • Useful toolboxes for men on how they can be respectful.
  • Useful toolbox and videos for fathers on how they can develop their son’s respectful behaviour towards women.
  • A video ‘Raise Our Men’ where New Zealand men talk about their experiences of being a man and how they’ve changed to be more respectful.

The All Whites have thrown their official support behind White Ribbon as it celebrates the many men who have stepped up and have safe, respectful relationships within families.

White Ribbon also encourages all men to challenge each other’s attitudes and behaviour that disrespects women. There’s a toolbox on how to do this on their website.

White Ribbon Day, held each year on the November 25, is when people, particularly men, wear a White Ribbon to show they will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence towards women.

Rory Fallon explains that “by wearing a White Ribbon you make it clear to other men that you don’t tolerate violence against women. But really it is a commitment to be respectful throughout the year”.

White Ribbon’s campaign Manager Rob McCann says the relationship with the All Whites is another way to encourage men to break the silence around domestic and sexual violence. “White Ribbon is about men talking to other men in ways they’ll understand, and about men choosing to be behave respectful towards others”.

“It’s great to see sports teams stand up and say that you can be tough and play with controlled aggression while also being respectful at home”.

No violence is tolerable. If you know someone who is frightened or intimidated by the behaviour (including verbal and emotional abuse) of someone else, it is not OK. But it is OK to ask for or offer help. Become part of a respectful community.


Why we need respect in New Zealand

  • One in three women will experience partner violence at some time in their lives
  • Most violence against women takes place in the home
  • In violence between couples, it is men’s physical violence that is most likely to cause serious physical and psychological harm
  • Most men are appalled by the amount of violence against women and want more respectful relationships

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