Getting your community involved in White Ribbon Day

Violence Free North Canterbury, has developed a fantastic initiative to spread the White Ribbon message within their community this year. They are creating and distributing unique White Ribbon packs to businesses in the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts to maximize the number of local organisations participating.

Each pack will contain White Ribbon posters and flyers as well as cloth ribbons, black and white jellybeans, white ribbon biscuits, balloons and black and white streamers. They have put together sample packs and are currently gauging how many will participate.

Violence Free North Canterbury (VFNC) members, have been canvassing local main street businesses in the towns of Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Oxford, Amberley, Culverden, and Cheviot.

Chris Hurring, Police’s Family Harm Coordinator for the area and Wendy Howe, Waimakariri District Council Community Facilitator were delighted with the response from Rangiora businesses. Some shops are going to create black and white themed window displays, while others in more corporate environments will have white ribbons and flyers at the front desk.

Their initial hope was to have around 100 businesses involved, but have doubled that with 200 businesses committing to take part. As a FVNC member, Oxford Community Trust has taken on the task of putting together the packs. Wendy noted “We weren’t sure what the interest would be like, and are very grateful to the team of volunteers who will be extra busy putting all these packs together as well as producing over 1500 biscuits”.

North Canterbury has faced considerable challenges over the past decade with some of the region affected by the Christchurch earthquakes and the towns further north affected by the Kaikoura earthquake. These events have put considerable pressure on families and heighten the need for support. Reporting of family violence has increased since these events and highlighting anti-violence messaging and promoting respectful relationships is vital.

They are also going to have a presence in local high schools and area schools during White Ribbon week, providing white ribbons and white ribbon biscuits to students who come and have a conversation about White Ribbon.

Their commitment is inspiring and a key to their success seems to be the willingness of representatives from the Council, NGOs and the police to work together to utilize their connections and build meaningful ongoing relationships.

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