Let’s set better examples for our young men

Press Release

04 November 2013


Let’s set better examples for our young men


A group of young Auckland men have been publicly recruiting others to join them in group sex sessions with drunk underage girls. Police say that have known about the group calling itself Roast Busters since 2011.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott says a handful of 17 and 18 year-olds started a Facebook page and have been posting videos and details of girls they got drunk and had sex with, in a practice called roasting. He said police have spoken to some of the boys to warn them, and some of the victims they have identified were underage.

“This behaviour is completely unacceptable,” says White Ribbon Chair Judge Peter Boshier. “These boys must believe their behaviour is cool and acceptable. As a society we have to challenge that assumption.

“Violence towards women is a men’s issue. To help stop it, all men need to make a stand – and in particular, we must set better examples for our young men.

“The attitudes and behaviours these young men demonstrate haven’t come from a vacuum. They learn these attitudes from their peers and from other negative role models in our communities.

“Too often we turn a blind eye to unacceptable behaviour. As a country and as individuals we must show the next generation – through both our speech and our actions – that violence towards women cannot and will not be tolerated any longer.

“Please join with me in demonstrating our total rejection of violence towards women as we prepare to launch the White Ribbon campaign on Monday 11th November,” says Judge Boshier.



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