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Mission Hall and its staff – proud to be a domestic violence-free organisation

Campaigns such as White Ribbon require high quality branding and marketing  to ensure our message is effective. Since 2005 Mission Hall have worked with the White Ribbon Committee and The Families Commission to develop and enhance that visual brand. White Ribbon is recognised as the symbol of commitment to social change – to eliminate men’s violence towards women in New Zealand.

Mission Hall’s passion for the campaign spurred them to bring the Kapiti community together to show their support by creating a Kapiti-specific awareness promotion. They connected 27 organisations that are fundamental stakeholders in the Kapiti community with a link to domestic violence.

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Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme White Ribbon poster for Kiribati

As well as bringing the White Ribbon message to New Zealand, they’ve also helped bring the White Ribbon campaign to the Pacific by working with New Zealand Police and their Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme team (PPDVP). PPDVP deliver advice, training and operational support on domestic violence to the police forces and communities across the participating Pacific countries. They’ve developed a country-specific look and feel for their material and used messaging that the Pacific communities have developed including translations.

The PPDVP vision is for a safer Pacific – free from domestic violence.

“We are proud that our work has contributed to a rise in the reporting of domestic violence in New Zealand and the Pacific. New Zealand Ambassador numbers went up from 1 in 2009 to 49 in 2012. Community events are up from 89 in 2009 to 237 in 2012. Website hits increased from 30,188 in 2009 to 88,802 in 2012. Awareness of White Ribbon is at 57%.

We encourage all New Zealanders to get in behind the White Ribbon campaign, to wear the white ribbon, to take the pledge and to speak out against domestic violence.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the White Ribbon campaign team, to be involved and we have many exciting ideas with which to grow the campaign and effect social change for the future.”


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