White Ribbon Media Coverage 2012

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The White Ribbon Campaign media coverage is designed to create positive messages that can affirm change or inspire others to take up the cause. So while it’s important to ensure events are well organised, safe and exciting, it’s also vital that the events are covered by media so that the messages seen and heard by the 100 or so people at the venue are also spread far and wide throughout New Zealand.

Front pages copy

There were ten front page articles in 2012

We rely not only on local and national media to help bring the White Ribbon Ride events into your homes, but also on our own media (White Ribbon Newsletters/Facebook/Website/Twitter).

Here’s an overview of the media that the campaign team were able to track from 26 October to 2 December. In total White Ribbon was covered an amazing 385 times across a wide range of news sources from TV One News to your local newspapers. If you missed your local event, it’s bound to be here.


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