Michael Laws on Nigella Lawson

Michael Laws is right in that too many New Zealand men still remain silent when our mates or male relatives disparage women or boast about “giving her a clip”.

DR Russell Wills

Dr Russell Wills, Children’s Commissioner, White Ribbon Ambassador

White Ribbon ambassadors take on the role because men need to take responsibility for men’s violence towards women. Wearing the ribbon tells our communities we have pledged to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women.

Real men don’t stay silent. We speak up. We intervene. We do this because we know that for our society to become less violent towards women and children the change starts with us.

Leaving a violent man is not simple. The risk of being killed is highest immediately after leaving. Poverty is inescapable for many women who leave. Violent men threaten loss of contact with children, or harm to them. If we all understood these simple truths, maybe more women would leave, and they and their children would be safer.

New Zealand can and must be a safer, less violent place. That change must start with us.

Dr Russell Wills
Children’s Commissioner
White Ribbon Ambassador
Laws Nigella