White Ribbon Ride Leader is now an Ambassador


South Island White Ribbon Rider leader Colin Agnew

Colin Agnew was the Vice President of the South Island Chapter of the Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club, and is now the leader of this year’s South Island leg of the White Ribbon Ride.

Mr Agnew has been involved with the White Ribbon Ride since it first began in 2008 and is very pleased to become an ambassador – though he may look tough, he has a soft heart.

“The ride means a lot to me, and the stories I’ve heard have only increased my determination to keep coming back each year.”

One memorable ride was 2011 when a woman in Gore recognised his motorbike and approached him with her three children. The woman had talked to him at a White Ribbon Ride a few years before, and told them it gave her the confidence to pack up and leave her violent household. She said she was now living in Gore, safe and happy with her children.

“It’s a sign to me that I need to keep doing this as long as it takes.”

It’s these kinds of stories, both from those closest to Agnew and complete strangers which encourage him to continue to want to help those suffering from family violence.

“I don’t think anyone has the right to abuse someone, and that sharing their stories helps not just the person in that situation but encourages others to speak out too.”

The White Ribbon Ride will be visiting towns throughout the South Island this year, and will need help from organisations to host them.

Riders can join in the Ride at any location and can participate for the day, or the week and take part in the events that are held by each town.

This year we will also be encouraging scooters and bikes under 250cc’s to join in when the event is within the city limits.

The ride spreads the White Ribbon anti-violence message, by going directly into communities where violence can often be pervasive.

It proves to men you can still be tough without having to condone abuse, and allows women to see that not all men are violent.

The Ride will launch from Nelson on the 17th November, and travel down the West Coast reaching Haast on 19th and traveling through Wanaka on 20th. By the 22nd the rides reaches Invercargill before beginning the ride north through Dunedin and onto Christchurch for White Ribbon day on 25 November and ending in Blenheim on 26th.

South Island White Ribbon Ride

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