Atene Skyline Track Trek

If you’re going to be in Wanganui on the 27th of November you might want to join Anne-maree Parker and her team as they challenge themselves to complete the Atene Skyline Track Trek to shine a light on domestic violence. It’s a great year for an outdoor event with plenty of fresh air!

She has organized this event as everyone knows someone who has experienced domestic violence and she wants to help to break that destructive cycle. She notes: “We want to bring this issue out into the open to be talked about because domestic violence can be quiet and deadly, unspoken and hiding behind closed doors.”

This year we are focusing on the things that work to help prevent violence and support positive change and Anne-maree offers some excellent advice that really does help. She thinks we need to be supportive of people affected by domestic violence, without judgement. “Being non-judgmental will empower them to see positivity in their life, that’s the goodness you can offer.” She adds by “being open and talking about it that opens doors toward change. It plants a seed in our community to reflect on.” Where better to think about these issues than surrounded by strong forests that started from a small seed!

We are also really grateful for Anne-maree’s efforts to support White Ribbon by setting up a givealittle page for the event. If you can’t make it but want to show your support for the kaupapa and Anne-maree’s efforts to support change, please consider making a donation.


Structured program for the Atene Skyline Track trek:

  • 06:15 Start arriving
  • Mark off names on attendance sheet
  • Issue entrants with white ribbon
  • 06:45 Run down of events
  • Quick talk about the purpose of the day
  • 07:00 Departure
  • 10:30 Mid way
  • Lunch
  • Quiz and prize
  • Photos
  • 11:30ish Head back out
  • E.T.A 16:30 Photos at end
  • Receive participant certificate
  • BBQ and refreshment to celebrate a wonderful day

To register please contact Anne-maree directly on 0272955456 or via email ANNEMAREEPARKER78@GMAIL.COM

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