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Gathering of Stories
This year as part of the White Ribbon Campaign we want to collect stories of change to help shine a light on what works in violence prevention in our communities. We know there are many people who have really inspiring stories of change and redemption that could help people who are currently trapped in abusive, violent and unhealthy relationships. We want to know how you coped, where you got the support, and the tools that helped to change your situation. We want to hear from both former perpetrators and survivors.

We want to make it as easy as possible to take part, so there are a range of ways you can get involved and share your story. Our White Ribbon Riders are travelling the South Island and will collect stories in person, so you can attend a local event and take part that way. You can use Messenger on Facebook to share your story with us privately, either in text or by video. You can post to your own Facebook page and use the hashtag #WRstoriesofchange or #ShineALight. You can click the button above that allows you to upload videos, images and documents, and of course you can always send us your story by email to

We want to share your stories with the wider community so, however you get in touch, please tell us whether you give permission for your story to be shared, and if so, whether you are happy for your name to be used, or whether you would prefer to be anonymous. Either is absolutely fine and we realise it is sometimes not safe or appropriate to provide your details. Please share this invitation with people you know who might want to take part. As always, we are so grateful to the White Ribbon community for standing up, speaking out and acting to prevent violence. It really does make a difference.

You can find out more about this year’s campaign here.

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