Winners of the White Ribbon Morning Tea Competition

It was heartening to see so many events and activities throughout the country to draw attention to the issue of violence against women and encourage people to challenge the #outdated. We wish we could give all the hard-working community groups around the country morning tea so it was a tough decision for the campaign team.

White Ribbon Ambassador Dane Haskell

The North Island morning tea goes to Dane Haskell and the team at Taranaki Safe Families Trust (TSFT). They did an extraordinary job promoting the kaupapa in their region. In addition to their work on the ground they provided an inspirational example in the social media space. They ran three online events that really got local people involved. They asked people to share messages and photos online that have been shared widely and really resonated with people throughout the country. TSFT created innovative solutions to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Presbyterian Support Southland

The South Island morning tea goes to Presbyterian Support Southland. The team at Presbyterian Support invited White Ribbon Ambassador the Very Rev Ray Coster to spend a week in Invercargill and arranged multiple events for Ray to connect with the local community and promote the kaupapa. They collaborated with other community groups to organize a breakfast (co-hosted with the Otago Southland Employers Association, a special Rotary club meeting, a Community Awareness Day and a church service.

In the North Island our runners up, who receive a large cake, are Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri and Te Iwi o Ngati Kahu – who decorated their office space and made a great tik tok video.

Our South Island runners up are the Te Rito Collaboration in Timaru, who organized a BBQ that encouraged 200 people to come along and engage with first responders and South Canterbury White Ribbon Ambassador Craig Calder from SCRFU. The food was provided by Rapid Relief.

It was wonderful to see so much collaboration and innovation in the events and activities for White Ribbon Day this year. If you haven’t already, please share photos of your events with us at or tag us with #WhiteRibbonNZ or #Outdated.

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