Presbyterian Support Events and Community Resources

Hearing about the events that are organized around the country to spread the kaupapa each year are a real highlight for the Campaign team. One group that has really stood out in the depth and breadth of their activities is the Presbyterian Support community throughout New Zealand.

Like so many agencies that provide social services this has been a challenging year for Presbyterian Support but they have put considerable time and effort into producing their own resources for their community and planning events where people can engage with White Ribbon.

We are extremely lucky to have the Very Reverend Ray Coster on our Ambassador team. Last year he worked with Campaign Manager Rob McCann and the team at Presbyterian Support Upper South Island to promote White Ribbon Accreditation in a group training session in Christchurch. This year Ray is heading to Invercargill for a week of activities coordinated by Presbyterian Support Southland including a combined church service, White Ribbon Day Breakfast and addressing the local Rotary Club.

Ray has also worked with Angela Singer to interview four Ministers of different ages and ethnicities to highlight the outdated ideas they heard and the outdated ideas the church once perpetuated. The Ministers raised some really interesting issues and we are sure the videos will have wide appeal to those reflecting on the need to challenge the #outdated throughout all aspects of society.

At the other end of the country, Presbyterian Support Northern have created their own messages for their community and have had billboards made up for 14 churches around the North Island, with messages such as “You matter”, “Don’t give up” and “You’re not alone”. They also partnered with Reverend Roxy Gahegan to create resources, from posters, to a testimony and myth busters for the ministers to be able to share in their communities. They also created a blog which includes some interactive ideas and videos.

We would love to hear about the events and activities you are involved in this year. Please write to us at and share your photos and stories.

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