White Ribbon ends Andrew Falloon’s role as one of 200 White Ribbon Ambassadors

White Ribbon moved to terminate Andrew Falloon’s voluntary role when news broke of his unacceptable behaviour last night.

The behaviour, if described accurately in the news media, is not compatible with that required of a White Ribbon Ambassador.

While it is not violent behaviour, if established, it is misaligned with treating women with respect and undermines the work of White Ribbon.

The board concluded the behaviour is totally unacceptable and an urgent decision, based on the limited evidence available, was made last night to terminate Mr Falloon’s Ambassadorship.

Our more formal process has begun to comply with the policies of White Ribbon, however, we have asked Mr Falloon to resign to avoid the need for this process to occur.

It is incredibly disappointing that the actions of one Ambassador could taint the good work of the 200 other Ambassadors. Family Violence remains a crisis in New Zealand and as an organisation we remain committed to reducing that violence.

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