Hamilton City Council receives White Ribbon Accreditation

Hamilton City Council has formalised its commitment to preventing family violence in New Zealand.

Last month, the Council was awarded White Ribbon Accreditation to acknowledge its continued support of the White Ribbon kaupapa. To gain the business accreditation, the Council must have policies in place, trained staff and support proactive violence prevention.

Chief Executive Richard Briggs says this is great recognition of the Council’s ongoing commitment to the campaign.

“We’ve been supporting White Ribbon projects and have had support in place for our people for years. This is another great step up in our commitment as an employer and as an important part of our community.”

Along with the accreditation, the Council has two White Ribbon Ambassadors whose role is to influence and support the White Ribbon kaupapa.

“We need strong men who are willing to start a tough conversation about how we have respectful relationships with women and our behaviour towards them,” says Mr Briggs.

“We spend so much of our lives working, it almost becomes a second home. Whether you’re at work for 20 or 40 hours per week during that time you should feel safe and supported.”

White Ribbon Day (25 November) is the international day when people wear a white ribbon to show they won’t tolerate or condone violence towards women.

On Friday 29 November, a White Ribbon hikoi (walk) will begin at 11am from Meteor Theatre and finish in Garden Place where there will be live entertainment until 1pm.

This year’s theme is to challenge the Unspoken Rules. Unspoken Rules are the expectations boys and young men inherit from society, based on outdated ideas of what a man is, how he acts, and how he should express himself.

Hamilton City Council is now New Zealand’s largest council to receive White Ribbon Accreditation. Upper Hutt City Council, Carterton District Council and Napier City Council are also White Ribbon Accredited.

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