Peyton Morete’s – ‘Little Guys

Earlier in the year 16 year old Kapiti coast teenager Peyton Morete wrote and recorded her song ‘Little Guys’ as her entry in the Champions of Kapiti song competition. A local It’s Not OK  initiative to highlight family violence/harm.

Little Guys went on to win that competition; the prize, a day at Surgery Studios with Barnaby Weir, best known from the Black Seeds and Lee Prebble, sound engineer; who has worked with the likes of Dave Dobbin.

For Peyton, working in the studio with Barnaby and Lee was very special “because it was working with people in the industry that I want to be in and I got to see a glimpse of what behind the scenes of songs are like. It gave me a lot of knowledge and was a fun day. I also enjoyed the filming because this was an experience I have never had before.”

The purpose of the Champions of Kapiti song competition was to encourage the voice of young people who have faced some tough challenges in life or know people who have and to encourage hope.

Peyton’s inspiration for Little Guys was based on having witnessed friends face some tough times. “I just wanted to write a song that lets people know that it’s ok to experience hard times but there are people out there who are going to help, who are willing to help. They may feel life is not great but they need to just keep taking one step at a time and they will eventually find happiness and people who will bring them happiness.”

Little Guys is a message to young people about not giving up. People you have trusted may have let you down, and while you may feel hopeless and worthless, you need to fight and let people in to help. You might even feel you are to blame for everything that has happened to you, but you need to believe in yourself and fight for life. You have your human rights. You certainly have your human right to be helped.

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