White Ribbon supports progress of the Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Bill.

“This bill helps to address the needs of victims in the workplace as they deal with the effects of violence,” says Cam Ronald, Chair of the White Ribbon Committee.

“While violence often occurs in the home, the impacts of that violence are often felt at work with absenteeism, reduced productivity, and in some cases, the violence forces the victim to quit work.”

White Ribbon is working with businesses to assist them in developing workplaces which are safe from family violence, that will support victims to become survivors and encourage other businesses to demonstrate their support for ending violence in New Zealand.

“We know that together we can reduce violence, and that is why we have launched White Ribbon Accreditation for businesses and organisations. Last November, The Warehouse became the first accredited organisation following their introduction of domestic violence leave and domestic violence training for staff.

“We believe there is a sea change in New Zealand and businesses have begun to understand, that not only does domestic violence hurt the bottom line (profits), but they also have a responsibility as good corporate citizens to become part of the anti-violence solution,” says Mr Ronald

“Providing domestic violence leave is one of many things that a business can undertake to ensure the safety and productivity of their workforce. White Ribbon encourages businesses to get in contact with us if they would like to know how else they can help to reduce family violence.”

For further information on the White Ribbon Accreditation programme email contact@whiteribbon.org.nz

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