Paul Brown announced as a White Ribbon Ambassador

paul-brown16 November 2016

White Ribbon proud to announce Paul Brown as a White Ribbon Ambassador

Paul Brown, the Senior Advisor on Disability Issues for the Office of the Ombudsman, has accepted the role of White Ribbon Ambassador to highlight violence against disabled people.

“Disabled people are targeted and are disproportionally represented as victims of for family and sexual violence”, explains Paul Brown. “As a White Ribbon ambassador I want to increase awareness of this.”

“I’m concerned about individuals with learning disabilities, as they are subjected to greater rates of violence than others”.

“Evidence shows that disabled people are more at risk from violence,” says Judge Boshier, Chief Ombudsman and White Ribbon Ambassador. “Disabled adults are 50% more likely to be a victim of violence while children with disabilities, along with adults with mental health conditions, have four times the risk of experiencing violence than non-disabled individuals[1]. As a campaign we must do all that we can to prevent this violence.”

Paul Brown has been actively involved in a range of initiatives to prevent violence towards disabled people and has facilitated awareness training for a range of organisations. In his present role at the Office of the Ombudsman, he continues to advocate for greater prevention of violence against disabled people. The Office of the Ombudsman has a vital role in ensuring that people with disabilities are treated fairly

“I also want to prompt mainstream violence prevention campaigns, like White Ribbon, to be more accessible and inclusive of disabled people” says Paul Brown. “For example, I want more disabled men to become ambassadors, which will lead to a better connection with the disabled community.”

Judge Boshier says “Paul is a strong advocate for disabled people, particularly concerning their heightened risk of violence. We’re pleased to have him involved as an ambassador and look forward to building greater links with the disabled community”.

White Ribbon prevents men’s family and sexual violence towards women. It is promoting ‘respectful relationships’ for men, to strengthen non-violent behaviour. Its campaign for this year is underway, leading up to White Ribbon Day on 25 November. More information, including toolboxes for men, is available from

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