Making Good Men


Kia ora whanau, family and friends

You may be aware that a documentary featuring myself and actor Manu Bennett is to screen on Prime TV this coming Monday night 25th July on Prime Tv @9.30pm.

It is called Making Good Men and tells a very personal story about me, my whānau and the violence that darkened too many lives; and in particular Manu.

It was extremely difficult story to tell in such a public way.  But, it shows that even after a long period of time some incredible healing can be done.

The power of choice – we all have it!

I hope that people who watch Making Good Men will see that no matter what our situation is. No matter how hard it is, we all have the power to change. It wasn’t easy, but I chose to own the violence and fear that I created, to apologise to Manu and his whānau, to understand my father’s upbringing, suspend judgement and forgive my dad, and to tell our story.

Silence is damaging – silence allows violence to flourish unchecked

One of the things I do now is work with E Tū Whānau (click the link and have a look). One of the values we live by is Korero Awhi.   I have seen how powerful positive and supportive communication can be.  Standing up, speaking out, admitting our mistakes and challenging any violation of ourselves or others now; can create change for today and for future generations. Violence can destroy lives, families and communities. But, it can be stopped.

Forgiveness, aroha, redemption, hope

Forgiveness and aroha paved a pathway to redemption, and redemption created hope. I hope Making Good men will show that even the smallest glimmer of hope can be all that it takes to sow the seeds of change.

I am heartened and feel inspired by the discussion it is creating already.  You can have a look here:

I hope you watch it. I hope it helps.  It helped me.


Nga mihi nui

Norm Hewitt

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