White Ribbon calls on men to reject ‘Return of the Kings’

Return of the kings

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, founder of the self-styled men’s advocacy group Return of Kings

Neomasculinist group ‘Return of the Kings’ leader, Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh, has announced plans to hold public meetings around the world, including in New Zealand.

White Ribbon Campaign Manager, Rob McCann, has described the ideology that the group is trying to sell as disgusting, and says that they have no place in modern society. Australia and New Zealand just recently rejected the group called the ‘Pick up Artists’, and we should do the same with the Return of the Kings.

In 2015, the White Ribbon’s campaign focused on Respectful Relationships and for the first time talked about the need for consent when engaging in sexual activities.

“For this group to advocate that ‘rape on private property should be legalised’ is abhorrent, and demonstrates just how deluded and despicable they are,” said Mr McCann. “We don’t need people like this peddling their own version of misogyny.

“Most men treat women with respect, but the biggest cause of violence is the belief that men have more rights and power than women. This group will try and perpetuate that belief, and for that reason alone we shouldn’t be letting them into New Zealand,” said Mr McCann.

White Ribbon Ambassadors have also been appalled by news of the ‘Return of the Kings’ and want the New Zealand Public to know that New Zealand men do not, and should not, have these attitudes.

White Ribbon Ambassadors Respond
“These views will be abhorrent to New Zealand men. We are proud to live in a country where women and men are valued equally. Gender discrimination and stereotyping like this has no place here.” Children’s Commissioner and paediatrician Dr Russell Wills


“To be allowed to promote such degradation is not just against what White Ribbon stands for, it is against the very moral nature of human society. There is no way these people should be allowed into New Zealand.” David White


“In its broadest sense, a truly progressive society is one that cares for, protects and provides for women. These are, in fact, the very principles that underpin what being a man is really all about. Let’s build a nation of good strong men who understand this – the other kind of nation is one not worth living in.” Trevor Simpson


“I am standing up against the online group Return of the Kings. Their message is degrading to women, and aims to perpetuate negative stereotypes. The men I know do not involve themselves in such groups, and treat women with respect. If we are to be a loving society, we should denounce such groups, and help fight this type of rape culture.” Callum Williamson “It’s really childish, ridiculous, and crazy to show masculinity by raping women. Demonstrate masculinity by respecting women.”  Pan Benjamin “This ludicrous ‘analysis’ of gender relations would be comical if it were not so offensive.  The emergence of such misguided individuals, and their primitive stereotyping of gender roles, should motivate us to redouble our efforts to encourage all men to develop and maintain positive and respectful relationships with women.” David Clendon MP


“As a father I want my daughter to be safe, to be respected by her partner and to have the freedom to make choices, I want my sons partners to feel safe,  respected and able to speak their truth.   When myself,  my sons or any men act in a way that disrespects women, treats them as less than human and privileges ourselves ahead of everyone else, we don’t just disrespect them we effectively disrespect ourselves.” Brian Gardner former chair White Ribbon “As a White Ribbon Day Ambassador, and the Chair of the White Ribbon Day Advisory Committee, I consider the proposed visit by a person purporting to be a leader on gender issues, as an affront to the excellent progress that has been made in New Zealand, and which continues to be made.  Proposing something so abhorrent and out of touch with New Zealand society as “agreement to rape” shows a total lack of respect for all “thinking” human beings, and is offensive.   By responding to him we add fuel to his fire, but this is an important issue that I personally take a stand on, and I call on other like-minded people and groups to show their commitment to speak out against all forms of violence.” Cam Ronald “As an ambassador and a male I strive to see gender equality and respect. For us as men to allow such an event to take place here would be a travesty. The ideology of this group is incredibly damaging and has no place in New Zealand.” Robert Mackay


The Community Responds

Wellington ROK members met up at Glover Park and while we all believed the Return of the Kings members were likely scared off from showing up, it was still important to take a stand and start a conversation about the wider surrounding issues. We wanted all want to show that these hateful ideas are not welcome in Wellington or Aotearoa.

Check out the speakers including White Ribbon Ambassador Robert MacKay. Thank you so much to Dan Urlich for filming the protest & speeches on Saturday in Wellington & for putting together this video.


If you are dating – check out this White Ribbon Resource – START WITH RESPECT





There is at least one peaceful protest now organised in Wellington. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76471698/new-zealand-men-to-protest-neomasculinist-group-meetings

A really good post on the effect this group can have https://bootstheory.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/i-say-no-to-rape-promoting-meetups-in-my-city/

Please show your support for respectful relationships.

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