The Tiki and Edu Biker Show – White Ribbon Ride 2015

Tiki and Edu graphic

Click on the images below to watch Tiki and Edu capture the White Ribbon Ride

We are just two Maori motorcycle enthusiast taking you on a journey while riding our motorbikes throughout NZ having fun and laughter. welcome! You can find us on Facebook here and our Webpage is here.

We have captured the South Island White Ribbon Ride on video and we hope you enjoy it.

To read an account of the South Island Ride, check out the Captain’s Log here.



Ride Video Day 1

Day 1, Nelson to Greymouth





day two

Day 2, Greymouth to Haast (breakfast)





day 2 part 2

Day 2, part II, Greymouth to Haast







Ride 15 Day 3

Haast to Wanaka

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