Translations for the White Ribbon Respectful Relationships Campaign



The White Ribbon Campaign wants all communities to move towards non-violence .

To assist as many New Zealanders as possible to take on-board the White Ribbon anti-violence messages., the campaign has developed translations for the ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign. There are three posters in each set focusing on 1) Gender Power Relationships, 2) Male behaviour during conflict 3) sexual violence and the issue of consent. You may download, use and reprint these files. Please let us know if you find them useful at

I feel privileged to have worked on the White Ribbon Campaign when I joined the Families Commission several years ago. Whilst there, part of my involvement in the Campaign was to liaise with ethnic communities throughout the North Island.

White Ribbon Ambassador Saty Candasamy

White Ribbon Ambassador Saty Candasamy

The need for posters in other languages was clear and the production of these posters is now an integral part of White Ribbon.

Reaching all sections and communities in New Zealand in order to ensure that, we as a nation, address the issue of violence towards women is vital for our future well being.

Saty Candasamy
White Ribbon Ambassador





Use these jpgs on Facebook and websites. Click on the image to download. For printing use the PDFs.

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