• Start with your own organisation or workplace:
    • Hold a lunch time panel discussion
    • Put posters up in staff rooms and bathrooms these are available from your local Police station in Nov or order them online
    • Organise a morning tea or bake off or organise a collection for White Ribbon
    • Write something about preventing violence against women for your organisation’s newsletter or intranet (borrow content from White Ribbon)
    • Put ribbons on every desk and talk about White Ribbon in the staff room
    • Have a competition amongst groups within your organisation to come up with the best way of highlighting White Ribbon
  • If you are part of a family violence network – talk to all the members to encourage them all to do something within their own organisation for White Ribbon
  • Have a BBQ at the local shops and give out ribbons (ask local supermarkets or butchers to donate sausages)
  • Ask local businesses to put up posters and wear ribbons
  • Challenge local shops to mark White Ribbon Day by having a “white out” – an all white window display encompassing ribbons
  • Drop ribbons and posters at your GP clinic
  • Organise to give a talk at the local rugby/cricket/football/karate club about what men can do to stop violence against women
  • Talk to church leaders about including violence prevention messages in their sermons and public talks during WRD (content available from White Ribbon)
  • Hand out ribbons at the mall, supermarket, train and bus stations wherever people are
  • Make contact with actors (amateur or professional) and see if they are interested in performing small pieces on family violence in public places on Nov 25
  • Include the White Ribbon Facebook page/logo in your email signature download here
  • Ask your radio station/ local paper to do a piece on violence against women and White Ribbon Day
  • Write an article or letter to the editor with a local angle, eg local statistics on violence against women; local activities; stories from local women who have survived violence
  • Send ribbons and a little bit of information to your friends, and ask them to be champions in their workplaces, churches and community groups (especially those working outside social and health services)
  • Ring up talk-back radio and start a discussion about how men can help stop violence against women
  • Get as many people as possible to be part of a human white ribbon – get the local paper along
  • Ask the library, sports centre, supermarket, or local council if you can put up a White Ribbon display
  • At universities, polytechs and schools:
    • Write an article for the student paper
    • Have an event in the quad or common space
    • Put posters and safety information in bathrooms
    • Ask lecturers to include a focus on violence against women or WRD
  • Talk to Rotary and other service clubs before November and see how they could get involved
  • Drop ribbons to your vet clinic – vets often see signs of family violence
  • Organise a peaceful demonstration or memorial for women who have been killed
  • Nominate a White Ribbon Ambassador nomination forms here

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