Appointing White Ribbon Ambassadors

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Judge Peter Boshier
White Ribbon Committee Chair

In light of the allegations against Sir Owen Glenn and his potential role as a White Ribbon Ambassador in the White Ribbon Campaign, it is in the best interests of the community to know what steps are taken when appointing ambassadors.

Ambassadors embody the principles of the campaign. They are chosen by the White Ribbon Committee for their willingness to challenge the behaviour of abusive men, and to convey key messages directly to their own communities.

To ensure the integrity of the campaign, a strict nomination process takes place which includes interviews, a New Zealand Police Check and a wider community check. Nomination forms can be downloaded here.

sir owen glenn

Sir Owen Glenn

Nominees must also sign a statement that they are living violence-free lives, and will uphold the White Ribbon pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women. All men are asked to disclose any previous convictions for violent or abusive behaviour.

Sir Owen’s representatives have informed me in my role as chair of the White Ribbon Committee, that Sir Owen did not include this new information in his nomination as a White Ribbon Ambassador because Sir Owen stands by his declarations that he was and is violence free.

The White Ribbon Committee will consider this information, as we would all other ambassadors.

White Ribbon is an international campaign to end men’s violence towards women. We will continue to support the White Ribbon Ambassador project utilising men to speak and influence other men.

We will continue to embrace men who have always been violence free, and those men who have rejected the use of violence knowing that they have a vital role to play in effecting change.

Judge Peter Boshier

White Ribbon Committee Chair

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Statement from Sir Owen Glenn

The Glenn Inquiry

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“It saddens me that yet again it appears the New Zealand media is delving into my personal life to fill their pages while New Zealand is ranked the third highest country in the world for rape and this issue goes virtually unreported. Within the past 12 months I have signed two declarations, which I stand by, that state that I am living violence-free and that I have no history of violence towards women or children. These declarations are accurate in all respects. There was no truth to the allegation from almost 11 years ago. My regret now is that I didn’t take the matter to court, however after two years of dispute in the American court system and at the strong advice of my American lawyer I resolved the case in Hawaii to avoid further horrendous court costs and to bring the matter to an end on an agreed basis which resulted in an order of dismissal in October 2004. My motivation behind the Glenn Inquiry is our appalling statistics particularly that we have the fifth worst child abuse rates in the OECD. What a shame media don’t put this time and energy into encouraging the public to adopt zero tolerance towards this behaviour in our country.”

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