Coordinated Community Response Training

In the past decade, a range of community and government interagency initiatives have been developed across Aotearoa / New Zealand to address domestic violence. Responses such as the Family Violence Interagency Response System, Police safety teams and a number of other interagency initiatives have been introduced with the purpose of providing an effective co-ordinated response. Experience and research tells us that successful interagency responses increase the safety and wellbeing of individuals, whānau, families and communities.


Graham Barnes

So what is it that makes a real difference? How do we measure success?
Te Kupenga (the National Network of Stopping Violence Services) in partnership with Women’s Refuge and assisted by government partners, is pleased to announce that Graham Barnes from the Battered Women Justice Project in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will deliver a series of training workshops on Effective Co-ordinated Community Responses (CCR) to Domestic Violence. Graham has worked in the area of domestic violence for 20 years in New Zealand and internationally, focusing on co-ordinated community responses. He is currently a resource specialist with the Battered Women Justice Project and part of a multi-disciplinary team that provides technical assistance across USA to communities that have successfully obtained grants from the Department of Justice’s Federal Violence Against Women Office. Graham works closely with community organisations, law enforcement, prosecution, corrections, courts, judiciary and the US military

Co-ordinated Community Response Model
The CCR model is much more than a networking opportunity. It potentially links government and community agencies into a seamless response to domestic violence intervention. It draws on experience gained in Duluth, Minnesota, and other progressive cities in America who have used a systemic change perspective to address domestic violence in their communities. This workshop will provide participants with:

  • Information, resources and case studies on providing effective, seamless, interagency responses to domestic violence.
  • An understanding of the diverse experiences of victims of violence and how to maximise their safety and autonomy.
  • How to use effective interagency processes to hold offenders accountable for their violence and engage them in a change process.
  • How risk assessment can be built into case management.
  • A mechanism to track case outcomes.
  • Experience on how to constructively solve problems common to co-ordinated interagency responses.
  • A range of resources to support the development of interagency groups.



WELLINGTON: April 24 2012 Rydges Hotel, 75 Featherston Street
AUCKLAND: April 26 2012 Cliftons 45 Queen Street
HAMILTON: April 30 2012 The Verandah Function Centre, Lake Domain Drive
CHRISTCHURCH: May 2 2012 Riccarton Park Function Centre, 165 Riccarton Road

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