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In October 2010 New Zealand Football and the New Zealand Professional Footballers Association (NZPFA) partnered with White Ribbon – as the All Whites’ official cause and announced the first-ever White Ribbon Cup.

This is a cause that senior international and father of two, Ivan Vicelich, said had the full support from All Whites players.

“Sometimes being tough gets confused with being violent, but as a team we demonstrate that both on and off the field violence is not OK. Most of us have wives now, some have daughters. But all of us, and in fact all men have women in their lives – a friend, a sister, their mother – that they wouldn’t want to see in harm’s way. Signing up for White Ribbon is a way we can publicly show that men are the solution.”

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The creation of a White Ribbon Cup will raise awareness of men’s violence against women and give all the top domestic teams that are not involved in Champions League football a bigger diet of football. The first two games have already been played and for more information click here

Harry Ngata

We believe the relationship between White Ribbon and football is only just beginning. Future All Whites games will be used to raise awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign and already members of the team have signed the personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women, while Harry Ngata, former international and NZPFA board member became a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Ngata’s father, the late Dr. Paratene (Pat) Ngata, was an active campaigner for the cause. Harry explains, “For me it’s about legacy – not just from Dad’s work but also about the sort of role models sportsmen can be, and the sort of influence they can have when they stand up for up for what is right. You don’t have to experience violence to understand just how terrible the effects can be on women, and children.”

White Ribbon Cup








3 Dec


WaikatoFC Hawke’s Bay United CrownPark, Taupo


3 Dec


TeamWellington CanterburyUnited DaveFarringtonPark


19 Feb


YoungHeart  Manawatu WaikatoFC Memorial Park


19 Feb


CanterburyUnited Otago United ASBFootballPark


3 Mar


Hawke’s Bay United YoungHeart  Manawatu CrownPark, Taupo


3 Mar


Otago United TeamWellington TahunaPark


1 Apr


White Ribbon Cup Final (Northern Winner v Southern Winner)

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White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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