Daughter inspires new Ambassador

White Ribbon New Zealand launches campaign with new Ambassador

David White

“We welcomes David White as a new White Ribbon Ambassador in the fight to end violence against women,” says Families Commission Campaign Manager Rob McCann.

David’s daughter, Helen Meads, was killed by her husband in their Matamata family home in September 2009. Helen was the victim of years of abuse and violence from her husband. Having seen what Helen experienced, Mr White has agreed to become an ambassador to ensure this never happens again.

David White explains. “Our daughter was murdered by her husband in 2009. It was a disgusting end to her brutal marriage. All too common these days; so common, in fact, that domestic abuse cases don’t always make it into the media; so common that when you see a headline you won’t bother reading the article. Your mind has already assumed that this is the type of violence that doesn’t affect us.”

“But is does. Violence occurs across all cultures and all socio-economic groups. Our daughter was married to a very wealthy man. The type of man who could buy silence through his money, and he was assisted by those who stood by, looking, but not seeing.”

“I am speaking out to support the White Ribbon Campaign and in the hope that other women who are experiencing violent relationships, will seek help, and that no one will become complicit by remaining silent.”

Mr McCann agrees. “If men reject the use of violence, the silence that protects such behaviour can not exist. Silence is the oxygen that allows violence to breathe and become the norm in a relationship. Each one of us can play a part in ending that silence, and that is why the White Ribbon campaign asks men to never commit or ‘condone’ violence. Sometimes it’s what we don’t do that makes us complicit.

David White joins an impressive list of White Ribbon Ambassadors which includes the Prime Minister, Ruben Wiki and Stan Walker. The ambassadors form part of the Families Commission’s campaign to raise awareness of men’s violence towards women and encourages men to get involved by challenging behaviours or attitudes that are abusive. The campaign has a number of major components in 2011:

 “By wearing a white ribbon, I’m saying I want to make a difference. The question is – what type of man are you?” asks David. “You can help to end the silence by participating in the many White Ribbon Day activities around 25 November. You can help to raise our collective voice and say once and for all, that this country and its men, reject violence against women.”

For more information about the campaign or activities in your local area visit www.whiteribbon.org.nz.

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