Te Ahi Kikoha

Te Ahi Kikoha

The White Ribbon Ride is nearly ready to roar into life and we’re very excited that a new group made up of Super Maori Fullas and Maori health professionals will co-lead the ride alongside the Patriots Defence Forces Motorcycle Club. This group replaces the Super Maori Fullas who are unfortunately unable to take part in the ride this year.

Riding under the Te Ahi Kikoha monkier – “The Sharpened Flame”, this new entity brings a wealth of Maori knowledge and expertise and combines their passion to end violence with their love of bikes. With a deep understanding of the issues facing Maori communities, these men will deliver awesome messages to support the White Ribbon kaupapa.

Riding is with the elements, the cause moves the soul, and unity inspires a nation.

Takurua Tawera  explains, “The White Ribbon Ride is an event I always look forward to, the kaupapa ‘say no to violence against women’ reminds me of a saying, ‘a fall of one woman is the fall of a hundred warriors’. My passion is to ride with like minded men who have a vision for a better society. Riding with a cause helps me appreciate life’s pleasures in a complex world.

Takurua Tawera - Te Ahi Kikoha

If I was to encourage young men, and teach them the significance of owning and riding a motorcycle, I would say ‘let the bike and the elements teach you the meaning of life, because it’s not what I do, it’s how I do it that makes life that much more precious’. We win or lose by the way we choose, the White Ribbon Ride is a choice for me to be a better man. Takurua Tawera 


Te Ahi Kikoha – The Sharpened Flame
The whakatauki that supports this is:
Taku ahi tūtata, taku mata kikoha
The literal translation is: When my fire is close the point of my weapon is sharp.
This is a metaphor for when a cause (fire) is close to ones heart and interest, then the commitment, passion (point) is always greater.
This is the White Ribbon cause. The message for the cause is in the fire, having to take the fire and begin to ignite communities for the cause across the country.
Fire is a consuming thing… the messengers are the carriers of the flame.

About whiteribbonnz
White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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