Asian Report’s two-part special on domestic violence in the ethnic sector

Asian Report is bringing you a two-part special about domestic violence as it affects our ethnic sector, the Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities here. Domestic violence is a significant issue confronting our society. For many new migrants or refugees to this country, regaining a sense of family and community is vital for resettlement. However language barriers, post-traumatic stress or isolation can be exacerbating factors that contribute to domestic violence and tragedy. Shakti Community Council has four ethnic women’s refuges around New Zealand, servicing many families from our ethnic sector.

Tues 11 Oct 2011 In Part One, an anonymous survivor of abuse speaks to Lynda Chanwai-Earle about her ordeals and Lynda visits SHAKTI’S new Life and Learning Centre in Auckland.

Tues 18th Oct 2011 Part Two: Asian Report special on domestic violence as it affects our ethnic communities. Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets key spokespeople across the country, including Judge Ajit Swaran Singh from the Manukau District Court and Priyanca Radhakrishnan from Shakti’s Wellington Offices, about these issues in search of solutions.

First Episode from Radio NZ Asian Report is here:
Second Episode is here:

Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities
The October 2011 issue of Forced Migration Review has an article titled Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities that discusses some of the promising practices that are part of Robert Wood Johnson Foundations’ Preventing Partner Violence in Immigrant Communities: Strengthening What Works Initiative.

The promising practices are:

  • Engage young people whose attitudes are still forming
  • Address multiple and overlapping layers of discrimination
  • Engage spiritual and community leaders
  • Target unhealthy traditional or religious practices
  • Overcome shame and stigma
  • Draw on informal networks of support
  • Challenge community norms that tolerate IPV
  • Include men and women in programming
  • Build community capacity or “social capital”

How does your organization work with immigrant communities to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence?

Click here for a link to this article by Greta Uehling, Alberto Bouroncle, Carter Roeber, Nathaniel Tashima and Cathleen Crain.

For further  information visit Shakti’s website or visit this gallery of images

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