New Ambassadors Announced

A number of new White Ribbon Ambassadors have been nominated including Phil Kingsley Jones. Phil came to national prominence as the manager of rugby legend Jonah Lomu, but is now well known in the South Auckland community through his involvement in business, sports coaching and administration. He is currently the Development Manager for the Counties Rugby Union and has recently released a book ‘How Did I Manage That’.

Ambassadors play a vital role in building support, visibility and developing a shared understanding of the campaign within their social groups, workplaces and communities. Ambassadors are chosen to embody the principles of the campaign, their willingness to challenge the behaviour of abusive men, and to convey key messages directly to their own communities.

Shane Whitfield is a Social Worker with Children’s Health Camps in Christchurch. In his current role he works with families and solo mums who have been subjected to violence from ex partners. He is a great listener who relates well to both men and women, talks about the hard stuff and is gentle when he does so. Shane is an honest family man, a great communicator and someone who “walks the talk” in the trying environment that Christchurch currently finds itself.

Trevor Simpson works in health promotion and was nominated by The Health Promotion Council at the suggestion of Tau Huirama, another White Ribbon Ambassador who sits on their board. Trevor is highly regarded in his community as a leader and moves easily across groups of people in many cultures, while proudly wearing the White Ribbon as a mark of his support for the White Ribbon kaupapa.

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White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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