Race For Change!

Wellington White Ribbon Race

Join with men from your community and take part in this year’s White Ribbon Race.

Racing through your town is a fun and positive way to share the White Ribbon message and say – we want a violence free city and violence free homes for our women, children and future!

The event in Wellington will be fun, exciting and promote a violence free message to Wellingtonians so get involved or if you don’t live in the capital city, start your own race.


  • Get together a team of 8 men, who can run a short race, (about 2 kms, up Lambton Quay to Civic Square) but this is a fun run, so your team doesn’t have to be fast – it’s about taking part and showing your support!
  • You will be given a long White Ribbon which your team will hold on to as you run.
  • It will take you probably less than 8 minutes in total and you will be competing against two other teams in each race.
  • Choose a leader and something identifiable as a costume/uniform, that will tell others where you are from.
  • A koha from each team would help us cover costs of this event, which is put together on a small grant  – this not compulsory.


The race ends at Civic Square, where there will be fun activities and of course something to eat and drink. We’ll take photos of your team, and there will be a short speech, presentation and possibly a band will be playing! We hope you’ll stay till the event finishes, at 1.00 pm, but we do understand if you’ve got to get back to your office. The race goes ahead whatever the weather (as long as it’s not dangerous) as we want to show our dedication to the White Ribbon kaupapa. Cancellation would take place through radio and each team leaders would be contacted.


Contact: Roger Boulcott on 04 385 1729 or rogerb@relationships.org.nz

Crossing the finish line

Team races holding white ribbon


White Ribbon Ambassador Ruben Wiki poses


Ambassador Ruben brings up the rear

About whiteribbonnz
White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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