White Ribbon Hui – Bream Bay 2011

Patriots and Super Maori Fullas gathered at a White Ribbon Hui in Bream Bay to prepare for the White Ribbon Ride across New Zealand in November. The hui focused on family violence and violence against women – giving the men a deeper understanding of the issues as they prepare to spread the white ribbon message.

Challenging the men’s perspectives, the hui fueled their desire for change while at the same time giving them a sound overview from those that work with the effects of family violence.

Speaking at the hui were:
Darrin Haimona – Family Violence 101
Adele Dick – Historical perspective
Wiremu Livingstone – Youth perspective
Stacey Pepene Refuge – Women’s perspective
Rob McCann – The White Ribbon Campaign
The hui was hosted by the Bream bay Trust and organised by Sue Rudman and Phil Paikea.

About whiteribbonnz
White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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