Ruben Wiki – White Ribbon Ambassador

Joining the White Ribbon team
Ruben Wiki National Ambassador
Ruben Wiki National Ambassador

League legend Ruben Wiki is a passionate supporter of efforts to end family violence and has joined the White Ribbon campaign to become its first national Ambassador.

As Ambassador, Ruben will be making the most of his public profile to speak out against family violence and encourage men to help put a stop to violence against women.

As a husband, and father of two, Ruben says he is always aware that he is a role model for his children.

“What men say and do and how we behave around our children and partners has lasting effects.

“I grew up in a house where my mother was beaten by her partner (not my father) and I know how scary that can be. I want to do what I can to help make sure this doesn’t happen to other mothers and children.”

“It takes teamwork to raise a family and it’ll take teamwork to create a more peaceful, respectful society for our children to grow up in.

“As men, what we can do to help, is to speak up when men say or do things that we wouldn’t want our sisters, wives or children to experience. We need to say it’s not OK. If we come across violence in our families or our friends’ families, we need to be able to help them to get help. Let’s make it our problem as well and not just ignore it.” he said.

Ruben recently met with Jack Paki from the Super Māori Fullas and others working to end family violence, to talk about how he can help. The Super Māori Fullas, made up of brothers Jack, Mahu, Mervyn and Roger are planning a White Ribbon Day journey from Wellington to Northland for bike riders and classic car enthusiasts. Ruben became an enthusiastic Super Māori Fulla on the spot – even wondering if he could get his motorbike licence in time to join the ride.

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White Ribbon is a community led campaign to end men's violence towards women

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