Each year there are hundreds of White Ribbon events that take place all over New Zealand during November – White Ribbon Month.  The largest event in 2014 will be the White Ribbon Ride, which visits over 80 communities in both the North and South Islands.

Check out the listings tab to see what events are happening near you. This is updated late October.


Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®

This year sees White Ribbon roll out the global event Walk a Mile In Her Shoes®.

The Walk a mile was established in 2001 by Frank Braid in America, starting from a humble handful of men, to the global initiative of today. This event allows men within various communities and societies to raise awareness of the violence that woman suffer.

The mile walk consists of two unique components, the physical walk where men are expected to wear heels; and the opportunity to highlight and discuss the issue and ramifications of sexual, physical and emotional abuse toward women.



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Check out the listings from 2011 to get inspired. North Island Events 2011 | South Island Events 2011

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