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If you are running an event and want to sign people up to The Pledge, you can use this excel spreadsheet then email the database to

When you take The Pledge you will be asked to commit to one of eight action that will all help to reduce men’s violence towards women.

Make this commitment to:


White Ribbon supports men to commit to taking at least one of these eight actions to show their respect. They’re the right thing to do and when you take The Pledge, we will send you information on how to build these into your life.

  • Listening and believing women.
  • Reflecting on and changing their behaviour.
  • Disrupting other men’s violence towards women.
  • Treating women as equals.
  • Choose how to be a man and how I will act.
  • Talk to a young man about breaking out of the Man Box (more information below).
  • Think about what they watch and the media they use.
  • Talk with young men about respectful relationships and pornography.



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