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White Ribbon Day – how local government can help

White Ribbon Day (25 November) is the international day when people wear a white ribbon to show they don’t condone men’s violence towards women.

Each year, dozens of government agencies, community organisations, and UNIFEM (the UN Development Fund for Women) work together to raise awareness of White Ribbon Day.  In the days leading up to 25 November, men are encouraged to challenge each other on attitudes and behaviour that condone/support /tolerate violence towards women.

White Ribbon Day is also used to celebrate the many men willing to show leadership and commitment to promoting safe, healthy relationships within families.

Last year more than 400,000 New Zealanders pinned on a white ribbon and over 100 communities held events to raise awareness. These events ranged from a fun family day out in the Wairarapa to an awareness-raising march in Waitakere city.

Local government can help to promote and support events and activities being held in their communities by:

  • Providing leadership at White Ribbon Day events
  • Challenging attitudes and behaviour that condone violence
  • Smoothing the way through council processes for organisers of community events
  • Waiving charges for events using council facilities/spaces
  • Providing support (logistical, practical, financial) to event organisers
  • Helping promote White Ribbon events through council networks, publications and in/on council property (such as billboards and library bulletin boards)
  • Promoting services and activities that support positive family relationships
  • Supporting council staff and officials to wear white ribbons and display posters in the workplace