Violence is endemic within New Zealand with one in three women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime, while on average, fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family.

Help White Ribbon to create change by taking The Pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women.

Take the White Ribbon Pledge

Men want to be proud fathers, uncles, grandfathers and great husbands/partners. We want our partners and kids to live in safe homes without violence. Taking The Pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women means a better life for you and those close to you

White Ribbon is an international movement that condemns men’s violence towards women. Each November, White Ribbon runs a month-long campaign that culminates on 25 November, White Ribbon Day. Last year saw a focus on non-physical violence and generating conversations about men as positive role models.

This year we are asking men to take ‘The Pledge’. Judge Peter Boshier, Chair of the White Ribbon Campaign and one of our White Ribbon Ambassadors, rightly identifies that “while most men are not violent, most violence against women is perpetrated by men”. This is why The Pledge is so important. It is a call to action for New Zealand men to take ownership of men’s violence towards women, and to actively be part of the solution. It can be taken both online or in person at many of the community events that occur throughout New Zealand during November.

“The time for looking away is over. I’m promoting this pledge because if we all take responsibility for this serious problem, we can change both attitudes and behaviour. For too long I’ve seen the results of family violence in the courts, for our mothers, our daughters, our colleagues, our friends and our partners – we need to take a stand and it starts with The Pledge.” Judge Peter Boshier.


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