Make this commitment:wristband-2014_layer-1 I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence towards women Show what kind of guy you wanna be. You want to be a good man, a loving partner, and you want the best for your kids. You want your partner and children to be treated with respect. You’re like most men and oppose violence. You know how much it hurts the women and children you love. Join with other good men and take the White Ribbon pledge. This is a commitment to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence. Commit to Stand up Stand by your respectful values. Show respect by treating women as an equal. Make fair decisions together. Really listen to others. Express your feelings and work through it together. Even when you’re stressed. Stand up as a man who doesn’t live by old ideas of male power or rigid roles. Be flexible and accepting. Ask before doing anything sexual. It’s everyone’s choice. Treat women the same in public as you do in private. Stand up as the respectful man you are. Commit to Speak out Take strength – Most men don’t support the use of violence by other men. Speak out when other men disrespect for women. Show you don’t agree. Speak of your respect for women and appreciation for what they give you. Talk about women as equals and how you make decisions together. Talk openly about your values of respect – such as Mana Tane Mana Wahine, your religious beliefs, or values like Everyone’s equal or A fair go for all. Openly question any ideas that men have to be in charge. Talk about the benefits of everyone behaving in the ways that suit them, being expressive and sharing power around. Talk to your children about being respectful. Show your son how to respect women. And teach your daughter to expect respect. Commit to Act to prevent violence It is men who prevent other men’s violence by standing up and speaking up. Particularly when other men disrespect women in their talk or actions. Be your true self when you’re around other men. Show your respectful values. Actually say: no to violence towards women, and yes to respectful relationships. Intervene if you see a man abusing a woman. Disrupt or distract him. Ask if she’s OK. Show him you’re watching and that his actions aren’t acceptable. Get others involved. Show your sons and daughters equal respect. Ensure they live without violence and learn how to communicate respectfully. Show your support for anything that is against violence and for respectful behaviour. Wear a white ribbon. Tell other men about the toolbox. Encourage other men to say Yes to respectful relationships. Download this resource, display it somewhere for others to see. Actually say I stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence towards women

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