It is possible that because we are focusing part of the campaign on ‘consent’, speaking about this topic could result in disclosures of sexual violence. The white Ribbon Campaign wants to ensure that we do no harm, and the following protocols have been devised for White Ribbon Ambassadors and White Ribbon Riders with the assistance of a number of sexual violence agencies including TOHA-NNEST, Rape Crisis and START. White Ribbon Ambassadors and White Ribbon Riders are (usually) not social workers, therefore they (and possibly you) are not trained as such. If that’s the case then these protocols could help you if someone discloses sexual violence to you. Sexual violence is one of the lowest false reported crimes; however media reporting does not make this apparent. If a case does not proceed, it is often reported that the accused is not guilty, when the decision not to prosecute can be based on a lack of evidence or the complainant decides the legal process is just too harrowing. Our job when responding to a disclosure is not to act as the judge and jury. We are there to listen and to pass the information and person disclosing onto someone qualified.

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