Appeal to men’s motivation and give specific actions for men to take. Emphasise men’s empathy for women’s experience of violence and reflecting on their own experience as a victim of other men’s violence, their experiences of being bullied when at school etc. Appeal to men’s values or morals. These can be cultural and religious values, but also such generalisations as ‘giving everyone a fair go’, or ‘be a good guy’. Be positive and affirming – ‘invite, not indict’. Build on the values men have. Guilt, shame, or fear alienate men, and are not used by the White Ribbon Campaign. Men who support gender equity are more satisfied with life and have happier relationships – this is a real selling point. Respectful relationships require nurturing, receptivity, empathy and compassion, all of which protect against violence, and create better mental / emotional health. Men are most responsive when they are invited by people they know and in contexts that are familiar to them – your local action is vital! For more information see paper Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women, from

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