These four prevention messages have been chosen because: inequitable and rigid gender relationships are the underlying cause of men’s violence towards women. These messages address gender power imbalances. Often people see violence as only occurring during conflict between a man and his partner so we want to address this, plus show that there is a range of risky behaviour that is violent. Sexual violence is a significant form of men’s violence and it is going to have a more public focus in violence prevention within NZ. This is generally expressed as ‘consent’, meaning both partners willingly agree to the sexual activity, at each particular activity – it is a process. Of course both individuals need to be able (not drunk etc) to agree. Each has the right to say ‘no’. The four paired messages will always be presented as a pair – they work together for impact. There are many other messages that could have been chosen, but for a campaign to be effective and noticed there must be repetition. We need all our partners to focus on these messages and use them in their communities if we are to have an impact on New Zealand society. The fourth message focuses on the need for kiwi men to talk to their sons about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships.

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