Feedback and Complaints Process


The Trust treats internal and external complaints seriously and considers them to be opportunities for improvement to our practice, professionalism and contribution to the community.

The Trust welcomes feedback on all our activities to help improve our resources and services.

The Trust considers any feedback to be valuable in the continuous improvement of our performance.



  • To treat all complaints seriously and deal with them in an appropriate and procedurally fair manner
  • To foster an organisational learning culture that values and incorporates feedback



  • On completion of projects, staff are to undertake surveys and evaluations to ensure the efficacy of programmes
  • Staff will report to the Trust in a timely manner following the completion of each programme
  • Staff or contractors to refer all internal complaints to their manager as soon as possible.
  • The manager will work with the staff concerned to find a mutually suitable resolution
  • External complaints are made directly to the Campaign Manager
  • External complaints procedure is visible and accessible to visitors and the community
  • External complainants will be treated with respect and given the opportunity to have their complaint heard in person with the Campaign Manager or appropriate manager
  • Agreed resolutions to any external complaints will be recorded in writing
  • The Campaign manager will take responsibility for making any resultant changes and informing staff concerned
  • The Trust may seek legal or other specialist advice concerning matters raised in complaints or due process
  • Any serious external complaints will be reported by the Campaign manager to the Board, through the Chair
  • In the event that the person making the complaint is dissatisfied with the process or its outcomes, they may address their concerns in writing to the Chairperson of the Board, who will respond as soon as possible. Complainants will also be advised of their right to seek independent legal advice, if they wish.


Complaints Process as outlined on the website

White Ribbon has a dedicated process to address your concerns, resolve any outstanding issues, and help us to keep improving.

Please use our resolution process for complaints about, for example:

  • An order, whether via email, by phone, or on our web shop
  • Our web shop generally
  • An enquiry you’ve made
  • A product you have purchased from us
  • A situation where you feel we didn’t communicate with you clearly
  • A situation where you believe you weren’t treated with courtesy or respect
  • Ambassador conduct or suitability
  • White Ribbon Ride and or Riders’ conduct
  • White Ribbon Events and or events where there is a White Ribbon component
  • Projects, courses or workshops organised or run by White Ribbon
  • Conduct of White Ribbon staff, contractors or volunteers
  • Conduct of the White Ribbon Trust
  • Conflict of Interests


How to complain

You will need to write to us either via email or letter:


The Manager
White Ribbon
81 Otaihanga Road
Paraparaumu 5036


Please include:

  • your name and email address
  • your company name, if applicable
  • account details, if applicable for a shop or product complaint


Timeframes for resolving complaints

When we receive complaints, we aim to:

  • acknowledge complaints within 5 working days
  • respond to complaints within 15 working days

If you have more than one complaint, or your complaint is about more than one issue, we may need more time. If this happens, we’ll let you know.

Assessing complaints

When we assess complaints, we aim to:

  • keep an open mind and take a fresh look at the issues raised
  • acknowledge any mistakes and put them right if we can
  • be fair
  • see things from your point of view
  • understand the reasons why you have lodged a complaint and address those reasons
  • escalate your complaint to the correct person as necessary
  • keep in mind the context of our scope and role
  • operate within legal boundaries and business policies.


What we need from you

It’ll make it easier for us to resolve your complaint if you:

  • clearly identify the grounds for your complaint
  • provide any extra information we ask for
  • act honestly and treat us with courtesy and respect – we’ll do the same for you.
  • We will use the personal information you give us to correspond with you in relation to your complaint. We generally do not share your personal information unless it’s necessary for the purpose for which you gave us the information (to fully and fairly investigate your complaint). The information will not be shared with other parties without your permission, however if natural justice (the ability for someone to respond to a complaint) is not possible, this may limit White Ribbon’s ability to take appropriate action.
  • We will not use your information for any other purpose or disclose it except, in exceptional situations, for other reasons permitted under the Privacy Act 1993 or if – in rare instances – we were required by law (for example, to investigate a criminal offence or if someone’s life is in danger).


Review Protocol:

Policy Reviewed by: The White Ribbon Trust
Date Reviewed: 23 June 2020
Next Review Date: June 2021


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